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Jun 29, 2014 11:26 AM

Traditional Wedding Cake - Coastside/Half Moon Bay, Peninsula

Hi everyone,

We're getting married on the coast in the fall, and looking for a quality baker to make our wedding cake. We both LOVE cake when it's really moist and delicious. We want something fairly traditional, and we're definitely more buttercream people than fondant fans. By traditional, more along the lines of a solid yellow cake or white cake, maybe a light mousse/whipped cream filling, a solid buttercream icing. Open to considering more "creative" cake flavors perhaps on just one layer. We want it to be all cake, so no recs please for cake/cheesecake combo.

The last thing we want is to spend hundreds of dollars for a beautifully decorated cake that's mediocre-tasting!

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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  1. Moonside Bakery in Half Moon Bay is kind of the only option on the coast and it is probably what you are looking for: solid and traditional without being overly "creative."

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      Thanks so much, Carrie! We'll check them out. Have you tried the cakes from Moonside?

      1. re: kermit

        Kermit - I have; there have been occasions where I need a last-minute dinner treat. I've also eaten most of their pastries at one time or another.

        As indicated, they are traditional and all that, but not very memorable, truthfully. But I tend to go towards the "creative" and unusual. Definitely better than the local Safeway.

        You can always stop by and try a slice.

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          Thanks so much for the reply and for sharing your thoughts. Would you be willing to share the bakery/bakeries you opt for, coast side or on the Peninsula? Taste and quality trump so much for us, so we're so willing to look outside the box!

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            Honestly, I live near HMB and for my recent nuptials (a courthouse wedding last November and a coast side reception in April), I drove to Crixa in Berkeley TWICE.

            I had a small wedding so I wasn't looking for something "decorated," but desired pure, exceptional taste.

            For the courthouse wedding, I got Black Forest Cake (my husband's preference for chocolate and cherries) and for our reception, I got a Clara Ward (rum and raspberries), a fruit tart, and a chocolate pave.

            1. re: CarrieWas218

              Thanks for sharing! Your choice of cakes and desserts sound incredible. I'll have to check out Crixa the next time I'm in the East Bay!