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Where you land from My Discussions

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Sorry if this has been covered specifically. I searched....... really I did.

Despite the condescension leveled at people regarding finding the return to top function in another topic, I'd like to ask about a related issue.

There's a Home Cooking topic about pickles that has over 500 posts to it. When a new post appears my IPhone makes me scroll through all posts til I get to the new one. Has there been a suggestion of functionality that would take you to the newest post since you last visited that topic? My slightly arthritic thumb wants to know.

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  1. Nope, the "last reply" feature does not work on my iPhone either. You are not alone in this suckitude.

    1. Here's ipsedixit's request from more than a year ago asking for landing on newest post and the answer from TPTB:

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        Thanks Melanie. Not the most helpful of responses, but a response.