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Jun 29, 2014 09:47 AM

Has Empress Pavilion reopened?

Last I read on this board was that it was supposed to reopen on Mother's day.

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  1. http://laist.com/2014/02/27/empress_p...

    There's a comment at the bottom of this link indicating he/she is former EP employee and the re-opening is fake. The ad in their Facebook on the right column about Mother's Day is dated 2013.

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    1. re: dragonanna

      Well the fact that only the name will be the same and that the operation will be entirely different is not necessarily a negative, given how far the restaurant had slid at the end.

      1. re: Chandavkl

        Well, a new posting was applied for on July 1, 2014, seen here:

        Any input?

    2. I was there in August 2014 and there were workers inside remodeling. I was told it was reopening October 2014. Welcome
      back Empress!

      1. Things are looking good. I has just been invited to a fund raising dinner at EP on 10/18.

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          1. re: FallingLeaves

            Did you attend the dinner? Any news on reopening?

            1. re: JAB

              I was deferring to chandavki to report.
              However, in his absence, I submit the following:
              From hearsay, the answer is Empress Pavilion will probably open for regular business by the end of the year.
              Now about Saturday's fundraising event at EP.
              The old EP has been remodeled. Everything appears renewed. However, the old EP is still recognizable.
              The event was a full house with over 50 tables celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Chinatown's St. Bridget Chinese Catholic Church @ $75 per ticket. I can't think of a more appropriate price.
              All the luminaries were there. Both Pope Francis and Mayor Garcetti placed full page addresses on the program.
              Auxiliary Bishop of Los Angeles, Edward Clark, Congress women Judy Chow and Assembly member Ed Chau gave praise in person.
              For dinner entertainments, there were lion dance, magic shows, raffles and other performances.
              The male and female servers were dressed in complimentary uniforms displaying the restaurant's logo and most were also wearing wireless earpieces. Someone must be monitoring the place and remotely running the show. Casino style perhaps. I have seen similar communication devices in use in places such as Ding Tai Fung. For the banquet, the service was both courteous and efficient.
              And the food : at par with fund raising events at this price point.
              Satisfactory and no one was disappointed.
              As this is an one off event, it cannot be any indication of what is to be expected of the future EP.
              My guess is that EP will be more than competitive when it re-opens.
              The $5 parking was $1 with validation.

          2. yes it has.

            the take-out store should be reopen by Thursday.

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              >> take-out store should be reopen by Thursday. <<


            2. Quality - Average
              Portion Size - Small
              Price - High
              Customer Service - Excellent
              Nostalgia - Great
              Summary - Westsiders keep driving

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              1. re: JAB

                sounds like ocean seafood redux

                1. re: barryc

                  I was never a fan of Ocean's Dim Sum. My favorite China Town Dim Sum was ABC in its heyday.

                  1. re: JAB

                    the last time i went to ABC downtown was over 20 years ago