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Jun 29, 2014 07:03 AM

Cambridgeside Forth of July

Arriving to the Marlowe on July 3rd...need some breakfast and dinner spots suggestions, willing to "T" it or walk...would like to leave the care parked.
Ballgame afternoon on July 4th...and fireworks that Breakfast pregame (preferably by the Hotel) and dinner before the fireworks...would like to stay closer as well so we can walk to the River and get a spot for the show...
Dinner thursday, willing to "T"-it into Boston....

somewhere between semi-casual and biz casual dress for dinners...just good food! open to all ethnics, gastropubs, innovative stuff...

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  1. Hi fenway68. I've stayed at the Marlowe many times, as have many family members, and now I live close by. It's a terrific location. Does your reservation come with breakfast? They have a decent breakfast right there in the hotel restaurant which is called Bambara. They also have lots of free coffee in the lobby and free wine tastings in the evening.

    Right down the street are many well respected restaurants including The Helmand (Afghan) and The Similans (Thai). My large family (with various dietary demands) enjoys both of these.

    Across the street at the Royal Sonesta, there are two restaurants with terrific views of Boston and outdoor seating. One is called Dante and the other is called the Art Bar. Dante is only open for dinner (and drinks) and will be very busy over the 4th. The food at Dante is better than the food at The Art Bar, but both offer lovely waterfront spaces if you get there on time.

    There is a free shuttle bus that takes you directly from the Cambridgeside Galleria Mall to Kendall Square (during mall hours) so you can try the restaurants there. (It's also a pretty short walk.)

    In the Kendall Square area you can try West Bridge, State Park, The Blue Room, Hungry Mother, Area Four, Catalyst, Friendly Toast and more.

    Also, if you walk up Cambridge Street towards Inman Square (or you can take the 69 bus), you will find many small, intimate restaurants that are reasonably priced including Muqueca and Atwood's. I love the fried clams and fish and chips at Courthouse Seafood, also on Cambridge Street, but it is very low key, and they do not serve alcohol.

    The Fourth is always a bit nuts around here so be prepared for crowds and chaos. But it is so much fun. No better place to be.

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      Great list. In Kendall/3rd St. (ie. closer to Marlowe), I'd add Tatte for breakfast, possibly Abigail's or Commonwealth for brunch or drinks.

      Toward Central, starting to be a longish walk away, Area 4 is great for cafe items, Sunday brunch, or pizza. Flour on Mass. Ave is great for breakfast or sandwiches.

      A new Japanese place opened across from the Helmand, a cousin of Fuji in Kendall.

      Friendly Toast tends to be a love/hate type place, and I would estimate more haters than lovers. Heavy on the hipsters, service is diffident at best, I like some breakfast items but hit-or-miss.

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        Also, geography-wise, West Bridge, State Park, The Blue Room, Hungry Mother, Friendly Toast, and Cambridge Brewing Company (good beer) are all in/near the same courtyard area. They are further than 3rd St. but closer than Area Four and Catalyst, which are across another courtyard from each other a little further toward Central Sq.

        Short walk through North Point Park to Charlestown, U.S.S. Constitution does its annual sail on the 4th, which is awesome to see.

        I think you can join the Museum of Science or Community Sailing and watch from their locations. Otherwise, maybe call ArtBar or Dante. The Liberty Hotel is also walking distance and has dining and viewing options. The Paramount on Charles St. in Beacon Hill is a good breakfast option over there.

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          EVOO, Za, and possibly commonwealth are situated for viewing. Call!

        1. Also toward Inman on Cambridge St, just a couple blocks, is Petsi Pies. Great breakfast pastries.

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            Good call. Love Petsi Pies.

            The Sweet Touch, also on Cambridge Street, is popular with us locals for breakfast. Really nice people, good coffee, and a full breakfast menu.

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              thanks , all, look forward to getting to some of these spots...

              can you recommend anything in Boston, my wife wants to dine in that direction the first night...looking at the recs above, am leaning toward Friendly toast for at least one breakfast, Catalyst, and the Helmand...I loved all the dive-y bar places recommended, I could eat (and DRINK) that way every night on vacation, but my wife, not so much...

              used to live in and around boston, so walking is not out of the question at all, sounds like Inman and Kendall areas have really grown since I left (almost 15 years now).

              whats for good eats in Boston now? been browsing the threads, so much to choose, someone point me! Going to be in the area of the Salty Pig to meet an old friend, worth it for drinks and "snacks"? sounds like a great spot

              1. re: fenway68

                The Salty Pig is popular. Heavy on meat so I have not been as I do not eat meat. Not sure how they are for just drinks and snacks.

                Three key words for dinner in Boston any time during the 4th of July holiday: Make A Reservation.

                1. re: mvi

                  Salty Pig has great charcuterie, but I find their entrees lacking. Inventive drinks for a place with only a beer/wine/cordial license.

                  1. re: kimfair1

                    I like Salty Pig for some drinks and snacks, salad and pizza. Closer to Fenway, Island Creek Oyster Bar, Eastern Standard, Citizen Public House, Sweet Cheeks BBQ. Better call now!

                  2. re: mvi

                    Do you speak from experience? I ask sincerely, not snarkily. It's just that in my experience--admittedly slightly dated--if you stay away from tourist central, seats on the 4th of July are actually pretty easy to get. Everyone leaves town!

                    Back to fenway68: Catalyst and Helmand are both nice places, so the spouse should be happy with those. On the Boston side, do a search for South End places.

                    Coda is right around the corner from Salty Pig and unless I was in the mood specifically for charcuterie, I would prefer Coda for meeting someone for drinks-n-snacks.

              1. Keep you eye on the weather for this weekend! Possible Tropical Storm coming through Friday/Sat. May want to think about plan B.

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                1. re: VintageMolly

                  if the weather is good I'd add sitting out at the funky patio of Alive 'n Kicking in Cambridge for some steamers and lobsters at affordable prices. Great suggestions above. Coppa might be an alternative to Salty Pig though I'm fond of their charcuterie and drinks.