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Jun 29, 2014 12:47 AM

A month in Berlin-2/3 Michillins & favorites

I'll be staying a month (July) in Berlin based in a flat in Neukölln, I've been to Berlin several times but only in winter and travelling with a vegan or a vegetarian or eating at friend's houses. This time I am solo with no dietary restrictions and want to eat out every day.

I want to really do it up this month and try as many places possible at least one day whether for lunch/brunch/dinner.

I've been looking over the board and have some ideas but want to know what people's favorite meals/places have been since I have the time to try out lots of things.

I like some high end 1, 2 & 3 Michelin places. Last time I was in Berlin, last year I tried Pauly Saal which I thought was good but not amazing.

I also love any food made a la minute whether a food cart or high end.

So what's your favorite dish or place ever in Berlin?

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  1. It would be helpful if you could narrow it down to your preferred cuisines & hoods. Berlin's a big city, as you know. There is also a treasure chest of information on the many Berlin threads, with many favorites mentioned several times.

    As for the Michelin places -- they're pretty easy to find out about.

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      As I mentioned I have read the threads, was looking for personal favorites of people on the board. It's easy to see who has michelin stars far less to know how the food actually tastes unless it's through personal experience.

      As I also mentioned I will be there for a month so there is no preferred hood or cuisine, Berlin isn't that big of a city actually. certainly I don't think I'll be doing california farm to table in Berlin. I doubt I'll be looking for central or south american unless there is an amazing place.

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        The links I provided include pretty much all of my personal favorites, but perhaps other people will chime in here as well.

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          on second thought there are some foods I don't want to eat in Berlin or don't interest me much
          Not interested
          American Burger-don't care for them much in the states to begin with.
          Sushi-I have great sushi in Vancouver and SF all the time
          Pizza-I lived in NYC and Naples prefer to eat my pizza there

          Things I am interested very much-
          Northern Africa and all African food at all price points
          Regional food from Eastern Europe and the Middle East

          If there is good Malay especially Nyonya food at all in Berlin I am always interested in that as there is a lack of Malay food in SF where I am based in the states.

          Traditional Austrian & German food for sure although I tend to eat that with my German friends when I am here (that and Turkish food).

          I enjoy modern Scandavian food when it's done well and not just as a culinary trend.

          Places I do like that are high end are 41 grados in Barcelona, Dinner in London, Eleven Madison Park & WD-50 in NYC, The Restaurant at the Meadowoods in Yountville, CA. I prefer high end places that do not require a jacket, a button up and bow-tie are fine.

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        thanks for the link. the fish and desserts look very interesting.

      2. I would recommend Reinstoff for a Michelin star level restaurant. The meal we had there was creative and enjoyable and service was friendly and relaxed, but still very professional (not stuffy at all).

        1. A friend of mine who lives in Berlin recently took us to Felix Austria in Kreuzberg. The food was very good - nothing fancy but delicious with nice service and a relaxed atmosphere.

          If you're after a nice breakfast or brunch,this list was helpful.

          We loved the atmosphere and good breakfast menu at Cafe im Literauturhaus. It's on Fasanenstrasse - off the Ku'Damm.

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          1. re: zuriga1

            Yes, Felix Austria is one of the best Austrian places in Berlin, for sure.

            1. Renger Patzsch. Alsatian food. I didn't go to Berlin for the restaurants though. Considering how much great culture you can find in the city, the food lags pretty far behind.

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              1. re: hungrycomposer

                What??? "The food lags pretty far behind?" There is spectacular food to be had in Berlin. Trendy? Not so much, but great ingredients prepare with care, yes!

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                  what's your favorites then in Berlin?