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Jun 29, 2014 12:25 AM

First time to Seoul. Stay at Garosu. Need updated recommendations. Thank you

We are a group of three friend and coming to Seoul from NYC. First time! VERY excited! :-) Will be staying in Garosu-gil, and mostly be around the area of Apgujeong, Sinsa and Gangnam.
I read a few posts here, but thought some updated information would be wonderful!
We really want to try different kinds of tasty Korean food, spicy is fine. No preference or budget limit. Just really delicious food.
One of us though is on a low carb-high protein diet, but she said that she would accommodate and try to adjust. She will just avoid rice, noodles, bread etc. and eat meats and everything else.
Thank you very much.

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  1. I am a Korean but I've been living abroad (mostly in New York City actually, lol) for the past few years and I am not updated at all.

    1. That said, if you like local Korean food, I recommend Pyung Lae Oak (평래옥) near Myung Dong, which is across the river from Garosu-gil.

    I recommend their Yook Gae Jang (spicy beef soup with green onions and eggs). It looks like this: It's far better than any Yook Gae Jang found on 32nd Street or Flushing in NYC.

    2. Another one is a bit upscale Bi Ce Na (pronounced bi-chae-na, 비채나). It's also across the river, but very close from Garosu-gil, near Itaewon.
    They are visually modern style, so may look like fusion Korean food, but they are actually authentic Korean. I tried about five dishes and all of them were good. The only thing that left something to be desired was desserts.

    3. I also recommend a pastry shop called Macaron (마카롱), whose pastry chef used to work for Pierre Herme amd Mandarin Oriental Hotel Singapore. It's right where you are staying, Garosu-gil. NYC already has great macarons, so I recommend their pastries, which are far better than any French pastries in NYC. (Previously, Brasserie Pushkin on 57th Street between Fifth & Sixth Ave. used to have great French pastres, but it's closed now and the place has become Betony... Alas) Also try their Ispahan ice cream, it's divine!

    Enjoy your trip!

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      Thank you so much!!! We do like soup, stew etc. very very much!
      The spicy beef soup looks great!
      And yes! Be Ci Na is totally on our list!
      Awesome! Thank you!