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Hatch Green Chiles 2014

Ok... I know they will be coming soon (about a month?). Anyone know when/where (preferably in SF) that does the roasting? I miss my days in Colorado when I could pick up a bag of freshly roasted, peeled, chopped hatches at just about any street corner.

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  1. Most Raley's stores in the bay area will roast them for you.

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    1. re: Civil Bear

      *Some* Raley's/Nob Hill will roast them for you.

      Usually about a week after Raley's gets them in they put them on sale. As soon as they do, call up the nearest place that's offering roasting (check their website or follow the discussions here) and order them to be roasted for pick-up.

      1. re: Ruth Lafler

        Any schedules for the bay area yet?

        1. re: sparkyr

          I hear Molly Stones will be roasting at various locations in September...


          1. re: Civil Bear

            According to my Mollie Stones circular, roast locations and dates are as follows:

            Greenbrae, August 23, 12-4pm
            Pacific Heights, August 24, 12-4pm
            Sausalito, September 6, 12-4pm
            Burlingame, September 7, 12-4pm
            San Bruno, September 13, 12-4pm
            Palo Alto, September 14, 12-4pm

            1. re: oniontears

              I doubt the provenance of the chile being sold at Mollie Stone's. While the word Hatch appears often on their website, they identify their supplier as Melissa's Produce.

              Melissa's has this to say about their source:

              "These chiles are named after the original growing area in Hatch, New Mexico. No other chile is prized more than this variety which grows in the Mesilla Valley, just north of Las Cruces."


              Las Cruces is 40 miles SE of the Hatch area.

              1. re: Pius Avocado III

                Melissa's Hatch Chiles are certified Hatch Chiles from Hatch, New Mexico.

                In fact, come see Melissa's Produce in action for we will be signing copies of the new Hatch cookbook featured by the main stage at the Hatch Chile Festival 2014 on Labor Day weekend.

                Please let me know if you have any questions about our Hatch Chiles ...

                Robert Schueller
                Director of Public Relations
                Melissa's Produce

                1. re: robertschueller11

                  Thank you. Could you please explain more about the Hatch chile certification standard?

                  The New Mexico Certified Chile program launched this year, yesterday in fact.

                  And Chimayo chile has a registered mark and audit program.

                  But I'm unable to find any information about certifying chiles from Hatch and would like to know more.

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                    If Mr. Schueller is unable to explain what "certified Hatch Chiles" are, maybe someone else can?

                    (Or perhaps there's no such thing?)

                    1. re: Melanie Wong

                      My web searches turned up an LA Times article from last year quoting Mr. Schueller, a few other vendors making the certified Hatch claim, and a TV news story from last Friday, days after the NM program launched.

                      It's worth watching for the perspective of farmers opposed to the program, but most germane to our discussion is this:

                      "The new certified chile program also allows for a registered chile grower in any part of the state to call the chile they grow Hatch green chile."


                      1. re: Pius Avocado III

                        Whoa, then Hatch ceases to mean anything. It's now any kind of capsicum grown anywhere in New Mexico.

                        1. re: Melanie Wong

                          I am a New Mexican transplant to California. The best chile doesn't always come from Hatch. It changes from year to year, depending on which part of the state got rain at the right time, etc. In fact, I know many New Mexicans who steer well clear of Hatch chile these days as it has become the "export" chile. So I wouldn't get hung up on a "Hatch" label. Just look for chile that was grown in New Mexico and make sure it has decent heat, otherwise you could just buy and roast your own Anaheims.

                          1. re: melisum

                            EXACTLY......well put!

                            BTW: A word of caution if you haven't already stocked up your 2014 batch of chiles, this year I bought a 25# case of Melissa's 'Medium' and the chile was what I considered quite mild. Just not much heat.

                            So....I went back to the same store (Nob Hill Alameda) and got 1/2 case of the 'Hot'....and it was REALLY hot (and I am not just talking about an occasional 'zinger' in the batch either).

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              They had hatch chiles at the Raley's in Merced today, 99cents a lb. My guess is that means they are in the bay area Raley's stores as well, since we are never ahead of you all. I bought a few pounds to roast at home, no roasting facilities in this particular store.

              Edited to add: haven't tasted any yet, but they are labeled 'hot'. (yay).

            3. re: Ruth Lafler

              Alameda Nob Hill is roasting this weekend (8/23-24) from 11 am to 6 pm.

                1. re: Torina

                  We may hv been their last order and we were there ~1p. I think people were buying cases and leaving them to be roasted. They told us to come back at 5p to pick up our 5 lbs.

            4. I found Hatch Chile's at Lucky's in Mountain View/Sunnyvale this morning. (On El Camino, almost at 85.)

              99 cents a pound. No roasting in sight. I'll be firing up the grill!

              1. Nob Hill in San Ramon is roasting hatch green chiles this weekend 8/15 - 8/17. Great crop this year. Very meaty! I got medium heat. They are perfect. I am from NM. Gotta have green chile.

                1. I was at the Sausalito Mollie Stone's this afternoon, and they had lots of Hatch chiles. I don't know what the heat level was, and they weren't roasting them. But if you want to roast your own, you'd be set.

                  1. Safeway in Daly City (Westlake) had "New Mexico Green Chiles" for $0.99/lb. There was a small-ish pile in the middle of the produce section -- no heat indication and not specifically labeled "Hatch". The chiles looked and smelled like Hatch chiles. And, worried that I could miss the green chile rush entirely, I bought a couple of bags to roast at home this weekend. (No roasting going on at this Safeway)

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                    1. re: Shibi

                      The Safeway in Petaluma had the huge boxes of Hatch chiles there the other day... but my receipt stated "New Mexico Green Chiles" as well.

                      Sadly no roasting. Then again it was a Safeway.
                      Also $0.99/lb up in my neck of the woods.

                      1. re: jpatrick72

                        Any Eastbay Hatch chili sightings?

                        Alameda Nob hill roasting?

                        Berkeley bowl?


                        1. re: Mission

                          Berkeley bowl West had them yesterday for $1.29#. The signage was confusing as to heat, but the boxes they were in said mild.

                    2. Got my box of Hatch Chiles, roasted, at the Petaluma Raleys on Sunday. 2 hours of peeling, seeding, vacuum packing, and the freezer is full of enough chiles to keep us in chile verde for the winter.

                      Last year we got "hot", and this year we went for "medium hot". I like to use about a pound of chiles for 1.5 pounds of meat, and the "hot" were just a little too spicy last year. The "medium" aren't quite hot enough, but it is easy enough to add a serrano/jalapeno or 2 to spice it up.

                      1. I remember roasting a 50# bag of chilies, a medium light rain came down and I guess helped smoke them. Those were the best chilies I have ever roasted, so good. Another year I bought sack in St. David, AZ very good and hot.

                        Just memories of good times.

                        1. I just came back from Denver with a container of roasted hatch chiles... yum.

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                            1. re: wally

                              You are so right! What a lost opportunity. On Southwest it coulda been up to a 50# bag! And I coulda sold 'em, and with the profit earned, at least have the price of lunch somewhere nice...

                              1. re: escargot3

                                I think I may have posted this somewhere before, but I once bought 25 lbs and checked them as luggage in a bag (long before 9/11) and my luggage was lost for two days--quite a disaster, but they did compost well.

                          1. I talked to Nob Hill Foods in Alameda just now. They will be roasting tomorrow (Saturday August 23 2014) from about 10 am.

                            Nob Hill Foods
                            2531 Blanding Avenue
                            Alameda CA

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                            1. re: hieronymous

                              I'll be there...any close by places in Alameda to hit up for lunch?

                                1. re: Mission

                                  The pizza place in Alameda Marketplace is pretty good, and I plan to stop by the Natural Foods in the marketplace for Rancho Gordo hominy (fingers x'd it's in stock) to make our family's chile verde / posole hybrid. I've also been meaning to hit up the Obelisco near Fruitvale Bart, not far from the Nob Hill (lots of reviews on CH).

                                  1. re: Torina

                                    Pizza at East End Sounds good!

                                    Can't wait!

                                    1. re: Mission

                                      Got to Nob Hill in Alameda at 1:15
                                      They were roasting The chilies in front.

                                      I Asked the guy If I could get a few pounds roasted.

                                      He said they were backed up and were not taking any more orders today.

                                      Next to the roaster was a big sign saying "roasting today from 11:00AM to 7:00PM"

                                      WTF? that is two out of the last three years I have been shut out at the same store.

                                      Two years ago the roasting guy took off for a hour lunch with no replacement.
                                      Like a fool I waited till he returned...then he gave me the same BS that he was backed up and had other orders to do first plus he had to wait for the roaster to heat up again.

                                      Phuck that place!

                                      (They had "hot" Hatch Chili's inside for 99ยข/pound.)

                                      1. re: Mission

                                        What a shame! Sounds like it was just bad timing :(

                                        I went by at 4 pm and he was out of mild chiles but had medium ones for sale (already roasted, still hot), and hot ones in the roaster. Picked up 4 lbs of medium and on my way.

                                        He did say he would be there again tomorrow but it would be the last day. Maybe call ahead to the produce department and have them reserve from for you to pick up at a certain time? I had no idea it was so hit and miss with the timings.

                                        1. re: Torina

                                          Now I'm even more pissed off.

                                          The slacker working at 1:15 said that I could not place a order for tomorrow and that there was no way of getting any today!

                                          1. re: Torina

                                            I got there a few minutes before 10 on Saturday and found one person waiting by the unattended roaster. A few minutes later the guy came out with a pallet of chilies, labeled "Hatch Green Chile" from Young Guns Produce, Hatch, NM. He got things moving pretty quickly.

                                            All the chiles were all labeled "hot" except for one box, which was scooped up by the person ahead of me. The roaster guy told me there were no more chiles, only these. Somehow they came up with more milds and mediums later, apparently. Or they were selling hots as mediums.

                                            The cost was $28 per case. I don't know what it weighed.

                                2. After reading several but not all of the posts here, I want to point out that you can roast your own chiles, and they're incredibly better than the commercial roasters. Got a propane torch? Grab that chile with tongs and burn the skin totally black. It burns up the skin and leaves the flesh quite raw. Or build a fire in your charcoal grill and throw the chiles right on the coals, keeping a close eye on the scorching, they tend to cook the flesh too. so you have to turn them very often.

                                  The big roasting cylinders are fine, I guess, and they smell like heaven (if there's a better smell than chiles roasting I don't know what it is), but they tend to leave the chile flesh overcooked and mushy.

                                  Also, IMHO, there's nothing special about Hatch chiles. I live in southern AZ and all the farms around here have chiles that are just as good. Hatch has good PR and delivery systems, and they're very good, however.

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                                  1. re: EWSflash

                                    I did end up buying some raw ones and I will roast them on the bbq tomorrow.

                                    I will try your directly on the coal technique.

                                    I actually heard you can cook a steak directly on top of coals. (not on a grill but directly on the coals)

                                    And supposedly the ash does not stick to the meat...much.

                                    Maybe I will try that too,drink a few beers and forget I ever went to Nob Hill.

                                    1. re: Mission

                                      Yay! be sure to turn them often, since they're right on the coals, keep an eye out and pull them off when they're mosstly uniformly black!

                                    2. re: EWSflash

                                      I would second that about nothing being so special with 'Hatch'
                                      chiles. The Socorro area and the areas all around the Hatch Valley have growers that are able to grow the same quality chile as those grown in the Hatch area. What makes that area's chile so special? The particular elevation, the soil, the intensity of sun, climate, and tradition (Terrior definition for wine definitely is in play here). Just as there are good and no-so-good growers in every region, there are better, and worse growers of the chile that we all are seeking out at this time. The Hatch area growers did the promotion, so that's why they have the reputation. They don't have the monopoly on the best tasting chile grown in New Mexico.

                                      1. re: bee54wee

                                        Or the American southwest, to expand on that thought.

                                        1. re: EWSflash

                                          Actually, I think more than anything it's the elevation that the chile is grown in: New Mexico is a high desert plateau @ 4000 ft. = Closer to the sun = more intense solar radiation + colder drier winters. The famous New Mexico chile is actually an Anahaim cultivar (variety) that exibits it's unique flavor qualities over it's cousins grown elsewhere (i.e. not the same in CA). No matter what the grocers tell you, what's grown in 'Hatch' and surrounding areas CANNOT be duplicated any where else....kinda like trying to sell 'Napa Valley' wine 'Grown in Livermore' (or Milpitas, or Lodi for that matter). Hatch is a location/area, not a variety of chile.

                                        2. re: bee54wee

                                          I saw them in the store today. I had bought some last year . I roasted them and thought, meh . What's the big deal . As you say not so good growers , and ones that know how to grow them . Thanks for the explanation. I'm probably getting the bunk .

                                        3. re: EWSflash

                                          Another roasting method with a grill is to put a rack over the chimney starter as you're firing up your charcoal. It puts up some serious heat to quickly char the skin and adds some flavor of wood/charcoal as well. Obviously, roasting lots of chiles with this method takes a lot of attention but I've had lots of luck with it. Plus, then you can peel a few to chop and put on top of your grilled steak, pork chop, etc.

                                          1. re: calny

                                            Used the charcoal chimney...worked great!

                                            Tossed them in a paper bag to steam a little as I pulled them off.

                                            Don't be afraid to char them black all over.

                                            Skins came off very easy... leaving beautiful all green skinless chili's.

                                            1. re: Mission

                                              Glad you got your chilies after all!

                                        4. The Whole Foods super store in Oakland near Lake Merritt has Hatch chile on special for $0.69 Lb. They had only 'Mild' tonight. Two cases. The produce workers on the sales floor didn't even know they had them, or what Hatch Chile was for that matter :} I had to point the display out to them in order to see if they had any cases in the back.
                                          The grower/wholesaler name on the box is the same one Whole Foods sold last year, 'Young Guns Produce' out of the Hatch NM area (Google their website for verification of origin). I bought them last year (see the 'Hatch 2013' blog discussion). Last year they sold for $0.99/lb. The quality this year was consistent as last year. Nice color, plump fruit and no wrinkles.

                                          At that price I am calling the store's buyer tomorrow AM to try to get him to save/order a case each of the Medium Hot ('Big Jim') as well as the Medium. WoooooHoooooo! This is what I was waiting for.

                                          1. Roasting Calendar at Mollie Stone's Markets in partnership with Melissa's Produce



                                            Hatch Chile Roasting Event Dates & Locations:

                                            Saturday August 23, 12-4pm: Greenbrae
                                            Sunday August 24, 12-4pm: Pacific Heights
                                            Saturday September 6, 12-4pm: Sausalito
                                            Sunday September 7, 12-4pm: Burlingame
                                            Saturday September 13, 12-4pm: San Bruno
                                            Sunday September 14, 12-4pm: Palo Alto

                                            1. Are Hatch Chilis still available in SF? If so please let me know where.

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                                                I saw mild and hot available at Bristol Farms in Westfield yesterday.

                                                1. re: Melanie Wong


                                                  I would rather drive to big D and eat crinkle cut fries.

                                                2. re: sfchris

                                                  I bought some at Mollie Stone's in Sausalito yesterday when they were roasting them. I heard someone say they would be roasting in Burlingame today.