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Jun 28, 2014 07:37 PM

richmond costco selling hawaii poke today

finally min half pound . $16/lb

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  1. i bought some Thursday at Richmond

    7.5 on a 10 scale

    But I lived in Hawaii for two years and ate a lot of fantastic home made Poke.

    1. Took a long look at the poke at Richmond Costco this week. And had questions.

      1. How long does the poke Costco is selling keep? If I buy it on Friday, can I serve Sunday?

      2. Which flavor is best?

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      1. re: sundeck sue

        When I bought super fresh tuna poke in Hawaii the storekeeper recommended I eat it within 36 hours. It is still raw fish, with few preservatives. Even if there were no microbial issues after 36 hours, the flavor/texture might be suboptimal.

        1. re: sundeck sue

          Re #2, obviously the best flavor is a matter of individual preference, but the #1 seller is likely the "spicy" made with sriracha and mayo. Its really good over fresh made sushi rice.

          The "wasabi" is a hit in our house too.

        2. I think quite a few Costcos in the Bay Area regularly sell poke... at least I feel like I see it all the time...

          1. I've seen it several times at the Redwood City Costco. Unfortunately, the batch I bought was mushy. I hope others are having a better experience.

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            1. re: goodeatsgal

              I tried a sample at the Livermore Costco. The texture did seem mushy to me.

            2. Picked some up in Novato last Thursday. Nearly as good as the stuff you find in Foodland in Hawaii.