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Jun 28, 2014 06:38 PM

QDC Burger

Queue de Cheval Burger opened a couple days ago in the alley behind the new restaurant (on de la montagne between St Catherine and Rene Levesque). It is just a take away counter and there are a couple benches in the alleyway. I got the 1/2 pound Leftie burger which has grilled onions,swiss cheese, grilled mushrooms and amazing thick pork belly bacon. I got it with a poutine for 23 including tax. I noticed they accept cards which I wasnt sure about as I walked there.

Cons:Price, Integrity of the pattie,maybe too much onion on top, and a bit greasy.
Pros: It was cooked a perfect medium rare and the ingredients are high quality.

Poutine (5$):
Cons:This poutine does not use the regular poutine sauce and has a different taste than I am used to and like;I did not like it at all. The fries were limp.
Pros:Great fresh cheese curds but not enough. The price.

Overall It was pretty expensive but I expected that. I might go back for a burger sometime but not the poutine. The burger was good but not amazing.

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  1. that price sounds reasonable to me

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      I know what you just seems like a bit much since it is only a take out place ina back alley. I think the burgers are a lot better than Mbrgr btw.

      1. re: kpaxonite

        So... where do you eat? Did you just go back home? Do they have some tables outside at least? Dorchester Square isn't too far off I suppose.

        1. re: denpanosekai

          There are some benches in the alley, as I recall.

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            There are four benches in the alley and two knee high tables.Some people eat at the counter. Some people go to Dorchester park. I took order home to eat. Its basically like a permanent food truck with a few benches. Sorry the pic I took is from so far away.

            I should point out that if you dont get one of the special 'chefs burgers' like I did you can get a 1/2 pound cheeseburger for 10.50 including tax or 1/3 pounder for 8.50 (with a great pickle, tomato, and lettuce and they give garlic mayo for free I think)which is very good value for the quality. Then again the pork belly bacon was pretty damn good. Also the poutine sauce is veal and red wine reduction, not supposed to be gravy(but I still dont like it Im a poutine traditionalist).

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                Usually cured pork belly is used to make bacon.Often when its on a menu it indicates (at least to me) that it is specially made/not mass produced.In this case I have no idea if its made in house or not but its much thicker than bacon I have ever bought. Its definitely not what you get on a burger at most places in mtl.

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        1. Tried it today for lunch, had a MOB burger 1/3 (mushrooms, pepperoni, cheese) with an Onion Ring

          Came at 17$ total

          Pros: Burger is delicious with quality ingredients, ciabatta type bread nicely charred, large and crispy onion rings

          Cons: takes a bit too long (20mins to get my order) not enough "tables" for the lenght of the bench(they have the bench and some little wooden tables to put your stuff down)

          1. I went once with a friend and tried the lefty burger (grilled onions, pork belly bacon, swiss cheese and sauteed mushrooms and probably roasted garlic aioli too. My friend ordered the same burger, added a side of fries, her, steak cut fried onions rings. The bread was nice and the ingredients were obviously high quality. The fries were tasty but not crispy enough to my licking. The onions rings were huge and goog.

            Just like kpaxonite said, the burger was good but not amazing. My bill came to 20$ for the burger, fries and a fanta.

            I went went back with bf. I built up my own burger with goat cheese (they were generous,) pork belly, sauteed mushrooms, grilles onions and garlic aioli. The boyfriend and I agreed, that burger was to die for and none of us was really hungry at the beginning. Just Can't wait to go back and get that same burger. Came at 20$ with two drinks.

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              1. re: abbricot

                I wasn't very interested in this place until I saw your burger. Just the bun itself makes me want to try it. Thanks for the review.

              2. just got back from qdc and took a picture of the menu. its like we all talk about it but no picture of the menu.. so i did. and i got some onion rings too. they're good but the batter didn't stick to the onions. they should really think about tossing them in flour before battering them up

                the menu,

                saw someone get the 1/3lb and it looked really good!