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Jun 28, 2014 04:36 PM

Twelve hours in Springfield, MO- tees, gifts, and delicious eats!

Another round of 12 hours in X- here's my list so far. I'm going up through Branson from Rogers.

Grandma Ruth's
Billy Gail's
Springfield Farmer's Market
Ernie Bigg's
St. George's Donuts
Hurts Donut Company
Mother's Brewing Company

Anything else that I'd love? :) I eat anything, and I love cool shirts.

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  1. Soo's Korean Restaurant:

    Everything here is great, but I particularly love the bulgogi. Know it's not terribly adventuresome, but can't help myself. Even when I order something else, have to get at least a side of bulgogi. Like most Westerners, love the stuff.

    And I like The Tamale King. This is no full-service Americanized "Mexican" restaurant chain with frozen margaritas, etc. It's a small, family-run taqueria that caters primarily to Mexican workers in Springfield. I travel a lot throughout Mexico, and the food here is similar to what you get standing at a taco cart on a plaza somewhere south of the border.

    1. I found the pork verde at Tortilleria Perches quite good. Also liked the vibe of the mom and pop shop Momma Mary's for their Navajo tacos. Had great beer and good fish and chips at Springfield Brewing.

      In Branson, a surprisingly good steak can be had at Level Two. I wish Candlestick Inn was still open, but Level Two is a good second fiddle.

      If you enjoy craft cocktails, I recommend both Scotch & Soda and Barley, Wheat, & Rye in Springfield. Both are hipster-ific, but make a great cocktail and have friendly bartenders. Barley, Wheat & Rye had some delicious corn bread with bacon drippings from the restaurant downstairs.

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        I also highly recommend Tortilleria everything is homemade,plus I also recommend Lamberts Cafe in Ozark,Mo and while your in Rogers,Ar you should definetly go to Bonefish Grill for the BAng Bang Shrimp.