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Jun 28, 2014 11:29 AM

Great Mexican (Indian, Ethiopian) anywhere close to I-15?

We are towing a trailer from SoCal to Boulder and would like to stop by Las Vegas (briefly since we will have kitties in the car) to pick up some delicious food. Any recommendations for an easy on-and-off the freeway?


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  1. For good open kitchen and guac made to order in front of you....I am a fan of Lindo Michoacán. They now have 3 locations....check their website out. It does have a little Tex-Mex to it because it does need the tourist business to stay alive; but fresh, legit, and value.

    1. It may be a good idea to steer clear of the corridor around the Las Vegas Strip and downtown, where there are not many easy on-or-off exits because of the congestion (there is also now a far left "thru lane" on I-15 around the Strip area that can help you to save time). But for quality Mexican, with extremely easy access, you might want to consider Viva Zapatas ( 3826 East Craig, Exit 48 off of I-15, after you have passed through downtown. That exit gets a lot of truck traffic, and is particularly designed for ease if you have a trailer. The portions will also have you full until you get to Grand Junction or so.

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        I would also recommend Viva Zapata's. Good food, good margaritas for the non-drivers :-), and good service. And very easy on/off I15 without city hassles. Bonus: there are several inexpensive gas stations at the same exit.

      2. Thank you VegasGourmet and QAW - you are great! Really appreciate the recommendations since this is probably the last good meal we will get until Glenwood Springs, Colorado! Thanks, again.

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          There is a good stop in Grand Junction, "626 On Rood", but other than that I have never found any place worth stopping on the LA to Colorado drive except Vegas until you get to Glenwood Springs.

        2. If you have not made your trip yet, here is something that you should incorporate into your planning - Because of those delays, you may want to consider a pit stop in Cedar City or thereabouts before you reach I-70.

          1. Baja Fresh is a chain that is surprisingly good (try the fish tacos) and the North Las Vegas location is right next to I-15