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Jun 28, 2014 10:06 AM

Food & Wine's 'Mad Genius' Justin Chapple's YouTube videos

Does anyone else follow Justin's videos/tweets/etc.? I just discovered his YouTube playlist on F&W's channel this morning. His technique for separating eggs with a water bottle looks fabulous, but I gotta say I do better poached eggs. :x

(Further searching looks like this technique is rather well-known, but it's the first time I've seen it.)

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  1. That's a pretty cute trick with the water bottle. But Jacques Pepin's technique is much better: Once you have the eggs in the bowl, just reach in with cupped fingers and pull out the yolks. Perfect and simple.

    1. His method for poached eggs is interesting...soaking the eggs in their shells in vinegar for 5 minutes, which he claims helps the egg hold its shape, before adding the egg to the water. I always add vinegar to the simmering water and then whisk the water as I drop the egg in. I’ll have to try his method next time.

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        Yeah, I'm going to try that too. I never simmer or stir the water when poaching, just having some vinegar in the pan seems to work really well. (When I mean I don't simmer, I do bring the heat up, but then wait for the bubbles to dissipate first.)

        The one time I forgot to put vinegar in, oh boy, was that ever a mess!

        I'm not so crazy on poaching in the strainer (he didn't show you how he'd have to clean it afterwards!), but I do think draining the water off the egg first can make for a nicer looking white, and a strainer or other implement with holes in it works well.

        1. re: RelishPDX

          I watched the poached egg in the strainer clip and all I could think was what a bitch it would be to clean that strainer after.