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Jun 28, 2014 07:48 AM

Recommendations for visitors (you must be getting tired of this)

Hi everyone,

We will find ourselves in NYC this coming week and are hoping for some advice. We've taken care of our big ticket items and were lucky enough to secure reservations at our three top choices. As to the rest of our time, we are looking at the following and wonder what you might have to say on the matter...

Lunch at one or more of the following:
Aureole/Gotham/Gramercy/Union Square
(these are sentimental favourites -- I started out learning to cook by studying Portale's and Palmer's books)

Old School Italian
Haven't a clue here but we'd rather stay in Manhattan.

Katz's/2nd Avenue

We'll pass on Japanese and Chinese as they are fairly well represented here in Toronto but we're big fans of French and, sadly, there's a dearth of those these days.

Any thoughts on this list or any other recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. What three reservations do you already have?

    FYI Union Sq Cafe is closing at the end of 2015:

    Did you mean old school Italian American or Italian?

    1. definitions of "Old School Italian" vary and are a subject of much debate, but a place you might enjoy is Bar Pitti -- cash only Tuscan w/ outdoor seating, a chalkboard of yummy specials, and fine peoplewatching...

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        +1 for bar pitti, food, wine and atmosphere

        1. re: Simon

          I'd steer you from Bar Pitti and recommend Emilio's Ballato instead. I find bar pitti to be a bit too euro-trashy for my taste. Just walking past there on a weekend at lunch or dinner time turns me off!

        2. We are going to Daniel, Jean Georges (the foie gras brûlée sounds really good), and EMP. As to old school, I guess old school italian american (to be honest, we'd never thought to clarify). I'm also of the opinion now that we'll have to go to Union Square (I read the closing thread). Bar Pitti sounds really interesting.


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          1. Thanks, everyone! Bar Pitti sounds like it fits the bill nicely.

            1. Aureole is not mentioned very often on this board and I like it very much. The other three are very good too. If you like old-school French you can't do better than La Grenouille. Le Veaux d'Or is a retro French throwback, I love going there, very old guard. I like New York Italian staple Il Mulino. Il Buco is a fave too.