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Jun 28, 2014 05:30 AM

KFC ~ Bon Chon Etc

Hounds I, my co workers, and friends have discovered and rant and rave over KFC. It is a bit different from your local Popeyes. But having started noshing at the Springfield Va location, then finding one in Rockville MD, and another in Ellicott City the quality and taste varies between them. To my taste Ellicott City hits the spot, as well as the Va location. The Soy Garlic and the Spicy wings rock. While stopping at the Rockville MD location different story. Disney style fare, the hot wings were tourist style no difference from the very mild soy garlic, both with a lot less garlic. That being said, are there other KFC type shops around to check out? I travel between Baltimore and almost Richmond.

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  1. McChi in Annadale (this used to be a Bon Chon) is the same quality as when it was a Bon Chon. The Bon Chon in Arlington is on par.

    After my initial visit, I only go for soy garlic.

    1. Oh, those abbreviations.* When I saw KFC, I thought you were writing about Kentucky Fried Chicken (tm). I guess you mean Korean fried chicken, though your "Disney style" description does indeed suggest the Col. Sanders KFC.

      You might find Korean fried chicken wings in some of the Asian fusion restaurants around town but Bon Chon seems to have the mass market Korean fried chicken wrapped up. And like a mass market shop, the execution varies across the board (I've found consistently better and consistently worse Popeye's, too). I just had the chicken strips in the relatively new Bon Chon in Annandale last week and thought it was pretty good though the chicken was on the overdone side. This is "Koreatown" so it needs to be good, or at least good enough to keep the locals coming in.

      *Some people around here insist on writing DMV (Division of Motor Vehicles) when they're referring to the whole area of District (of Columbia), Maryland, and Virginia. Go figure

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        Oh, they write DMV for DelMarVa? Yeah, the KFC confused me too.

      2. Asking others this place was suggested to try:
        Cheogajip Chicken
        Annandale, VA

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          I second Cheogajip. I prefer the style of chicken much more to BonChon. There's one in Centreville too. It is General Tso's chicken on steroids and crack. So good

        2. Any reports on Mo Mo Chicken & Jazz?

          1. Tong Na Moo is my fave - it's not the same style as Bon Chon or other places, in that they don't offer the soy garlic or spicy sauces that seem to be the expected norm for that sort of thing. The two choices at TNM are plain or BBQ, but it's really, really good, and an order (which is listed as a side dish) easily feeds two, and includes a pile of iceberg lettuce with Thousand Island dressing.Why Thousand Island? I have no clue.

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              Thousand Island dressing served on a cabbage-only slaw is popular in Korea as a match with fried chicken, but can sometimes appear as part of the banchan at other meals.