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Jun 28, 2014 01:13 AM

Dining in the Chelsea District

As a NYC first timer, I will resist the temptation to throw out the plea for recommendations for "somewhere nice to eat" in the city in late August.

So I will narrow down the request for info.
While I am under no illusions about the flexibility offered by the public transport system and the cab service, I would like to research the dining options within walking distance (let's say a mile.....) of our hotel, the High Line on 10th Avenue.
I will also refine the search to 1.seafood, 2.Japanese Izakawa 3. wings, 4.burgers

A few iconic places on my list that I would appreciate opinion on, as to whether they would be worth the trip : Katz's deli, the Oyster Bar at Grand Central, the Burger Joint at le Parker Meridien.

Open to any inspired suggestions as well of course!

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  1. Katz's: Yes, if you love pastrami. I'll let others address your other questions.

    1. 1. Cull & Pistol at Chelsea Market
      2. Izakaya Ten? Or go to Morimoto and only ordered the cooked dishes as the sushi is only OK
      3. Pass
      4. Spotted Pig, Corner Bistro, Swine, lamb burger at the Breslin
      5. Company

      Katz's - yes
      GCOB - stick to oysters, not cooked dishes
      Burger Joint - it's fun if you go to the Parker Meridian lobby and go behind the curtain, but there are better burgers in town

      There's also excellent food ON the High Line with Terroir, Blue Bottle, La Newyorkina, Smoke Line, etc. as well as good food within Chelsea Market with Num Pang, Los Tacos No 1, and more.

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      1. re: kathryn

        +1 for Company aka Co. for pizza in Chelsea
        +1 Num Peng ( coconut shrimp sandwich, corn on cob)
        Red Farm
        Bar Pitti
        Hakata Ton Ton
        En Brasserie

      2. If you like coffee in your lobby is Intelligentsia, which is excellent. Also note that across the street is Cookshop which is great for brunch- and popular, so make a reservation.
        1- aquagrill in soho
        2- rockmeisha in w village
        3- nyc has better options! Try korean fried chicken at Bon Chon, or the chicken sandwich at NoMad, or peruvian at Pio Pio
        4 - pass
        5- +1 for Company

        Also see this recent thread for more ideas:

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            Fukurou is kinda bad. Do you have stuff you like there?

            1. re: Peter Cuce

              Pork belly (stewed more than grilled, but both good), taro korokke and fried seaweed (both are light and crunchy, not greasy at all, perfect sake food), and the salmon roe rice are great.

              Not a big fan of the more creative fusion type dishes like the deep fried tuna cheese, or the avocado tofu.

              Salty, savory, crunchy foods. Good. Nice selection of sake at reasonable prices. Good, as well. Combine the two, and you've got yourself a very good and enjoyable meal and time. Plus, the din in the room is always festive and makes eating there a bit like hanging out at Totto during dinnertime rush hour.

              1. re: Peter Cuce

                Fukurou fried baby aji ( looks like shinko but isn't) and the grilled fish are both very good there.

            2. Many many thanks for all the interesting suggestions; I am now armed with a very useful list which should prevent starvation during my five day visit!
              One supplementary question: I am hoping to host a Saturday night dinner or Sunday brunch for two of my NYC-based nephews and their girlfriends (all early 30's).
              They are not hardcore foodies to my knowledge but I'm sure they would appreciate somewhere "of the moment" - that won't bankrupt their uncle of course.......

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              1. re: SeeDee

                Party of five?

                What's your budget per person for food only?