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Jun 27, 2014 07:02 PM

SAGE in Phoenixville - anyone been?

Just drove on Bridge today and saw it was there and looked open. Can't find anything on the www about it.

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  1. heard informal feedback on YELP....miss you PhillyBestBYOB!

    1. Acquaintances reported they were going to stop in last night... but it was locked up tight and dark. Closed already?

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      1. re: bsims76

        We are not closed, had an AC problem we needed to fix. Apologies for not putting a sign at the door. We hope to see you on a day we're functioning!

        1. Just had dinner there last night. The food was awesome right down to the home made salad dressing. A few different spices to wake up the taste buds. We loved it! Everyone was very friendly and service was excellent. Nice linen table cloths and napkins. Great selection on the menu and it is a BYOB! Reasonably priced for a delicious dinner.
          A BIG THUMBS UP for the new restaurant in Phoenixville, PA

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          1. re: Lifeisfordancing

            Thanks for your comment on Sage. Welcome to Chowhound. Are there any other restaurants in Phoenixville you could recommend?

            1. re: Bacchus101

              Hi Bacchus101- can you drop us an email at We think we may not have a current email address for you and need to get in touch. Thanks!