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Jun 27, 2014 04:10 PM

Toronto Chinese food trip suggestions

We are going spend 3 days visiting Toronto from July 3rd to July 5th. We will be tutoring places such as St Lawrence market, Univ of T. But our major goal is trying out Toronto's Chinese food scene.

I have done some bit of research, but because a lot of places I searched are reviewed couple years back so I need your help to bring me up to date and help me to narrow down my choices. We have a car so distance isn't a problem, July 4 we will be visiting UT and July 5 we will be going to St Lawrence, July 3rd is open for us now(probably Centre Island).

Here are the choices:
1. Dim Sum: Casa Victoria/ Lai Wah Heen/ Dragon Boat

2. Formal Cantonese Style Dinner (sea cumber type of stuff): Casa Victoria/Lai Wah Heen, or any other suggestion?

3. Northern Style Breakfast: Dumpling House/Yummy Yummy Dumpling

4.Cantonese street stall style sea food (like stir fried black bean clam stuff) : Top Choice, any other better ones?

5.Shanghai style brunch: Shanghai Dim Sum/ A La Kitchen

6.Xing-jiang/Western regional food: Silk Road/The Only Cuisine/Chinese Halal

7. Sweet/Drinks:Double Ming Dessert/Full House Desserts.

Maybe we can squeeze in the Congee stuff (like Congee Queen?)

Thank you!

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  1. casa victoria has a wait line at like 11am.

    a decent alternative for #1 & #2 is spring villa:

    #2, yang's kitchen:

    #8: congee star: or goldstone:

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    1. - Casa Victoria and Casa Imperial currently trumps both LWH and Dragon Boat for Dim Sum. Yang's Seafood Markham ( Leslie & Hwy#7 ) is a close second. Spring Villa, Premier Banquet, Yang's Richmond Hill are all good third tier.

      - Casa Victoria is my current venue of choice for formal Cantonese fare. Great food and excellent service! I recently held a 28 person chowmeet there.
      CV's sister, Casa Imperial is equally good. However, CV 's BBQ chef was from Hong Kong's Michelin star Fook Lam Moon!

      - Yang's Seafood Markham will be my second choice for formal dinner. More seafood focus, this place has a huge selection of 'live' ones in tanks for patrons to browse and select. Dungeness Crab, Geoduck Clams, French Turbot, Sea Eels, Groupers, King Crab, Spotted prawns, Giant East Coast Lobsters to name a few!

      - My last dinner at 'Top Choice' was one huge disappointing experience! Food were either extra salty or extra sweet. Bad service with attention only given to regulars ordering expensive dishes! No way I will return
      Try 'Maple Yip' on Sheppard or the rejuvenated 'Fantasy Eatery' on Midland Avenue. In the Richmond Hill area, Judy's Cuisine is my favorite. All extremely good 'Wok-Hay'. The Rose essence soya sauce free range chicken of Fantasy Eatery is quite amazing by Toronto standard.

      - I found Dumplings, pancakes and noodles in 'Northern Dumpling Kitchen' inside of Time Square, Richmond Hill better than the two you listed.'La Mere' next door has very good and interesting Sichuan/Spicy food as well.

      - The award winning 'Lamb noodle soup' at 'Silk Road' and their lamb skewers are a must! However, arrive early! Could get very busy!

      - For sit down Rice Congees and make to order Cheung Fun 'rice roll', give 'My Kitchen' on Leslie northof Highway#7 a try. For really good and authentic one , there's a hole in the wall inside a food court on 3883 Midland avenue, by the name of 'Da Ke Yi Snacks' - Owner chef moved from historic post in Canton, China to set up shop here!

      - Unless you are from Vancouver, 'Won Ton Hut' has the best Hong Kong style noodles east of the Rockies. Good Won-Ton and Shui Gau shrimp dumplings in tasty and complex authentic 'dried bonito and shrimp egg' broth. But their braised beef briskets and tendons are what really excel!

      Have fun chowing in Toronto!

      PS: BTW, Where are you folks from?!

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      1. re: Charles Yu

        You are the king! We are from New York, but we have been all over the places including Vancouver. We really missed the our time in Vancouver. One of the reasons we want to go to Toronto is Toronto's reputation as one of the top Chinese cuisine capitals in North America.

        Any comments on my Shanghai style choices?

        The reason I want to mention Dumpling House is I thought they have TiangJing 煎饼果子(jian-bing, Chinese Crepes). Do you know which has it?

        1. re: pwang_chow

          Hopefully not the 'Mad King of the North' per Games of Thrones?! Ha!!

          How come you folks are searching for Shanghainese in Toronto? I thought there are plenty of good ones in Jersey or Queens?! I recalled having some great Crab meat Xiao Lun Bao and Crab meat and roe ragu on Tofu near Flushing.

          Anyways, ref: your list. 'Shanghai Dim Sum' used to be very good! However, I have not been back since I heard they had a change of management.
          'A La Kitchen' is as good as one gets in Toronto for decent Shanghainese food. Nothing to shout about though! However, my favorite is 'Golden Shanghai' ( 14th and Kennedy ) and Hi Shanghai ( Steeles and Kennedy ).

          Haven't tried Dumpling House for the Jian-bing, however, some of the dumplings, crepes and pot-stickers I had at this place were very, very good!

          There's also a new Shanghainese place serving really authentic dishes at the NW corner of Finch and Midland. ( Stirred fry Eel, Flounder filet and wood fungus in wine sauce... ). Forgot its name in English. Need to check out name from local Chinese Newspaper. Hopefully will let you know before your trip.

          1. re: Charles Yu

            Hello Charles, Sika Deer is at the NW corner of Finch/Midland. Next to Tims. Have you tried it?

              1. re: Charles Yu

                Sorry to hijack thread. Does anyone know hours for silk road?
                Drove all the way there one Sunday and it was closed.
                Think it's opened most days except Sunday and only after 3pm, correct?

                1. re: Charles Yu

                  Had lunch at Sika Deer today. Pretty good.

          2. re: Charles Yu

            We recently had dinner at Yang's in Markham and then weeks later had dim sum there as well with friends.

            The dinner was one of the worst we've had in Toronto. The dishes were either very bland or too salty. The oysters were like $6 each and the worse of the worst - so bad that the managers agreed and they took it off our bill. We ended up over-tipping because we felt bad for management whom we knew

            The dim sum there was better than the dinner but the consensus among our friends there was it's nothing special. I would not recommend this restaurant.

            1. re: syoung

              Wow! This is a huge surprise and news to me!! Was it a week day or week end?! What other dishes did you ordered?! I've eaten there quite a few times. Food and service was still very good a month ago??!! Most interesting?!

              1. re: Charles Yu

                In the light of this, will Crown Prince be better dim sum/fine dinning replacement?

            2. re: Charles Yu

              Won Ton Hut looks great! Anyplace downtown serving similar Hong Kong style noodles and dumplings?

              1. re: curiousgeo

                'Swatow' on Spadina offers acceptable versions. Their braised Beef Brisket is pretty good too.

                1. re: Charles Yu

                  Thank you Charles, will check Swatow out and I love braised brisket too!