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Jun 27, 2014 03:30 PM

Recommendations For Casual Seafood Dining Near Boston

Two of us are visiting the Boston area in Mid-Oct for a NFL game, we are from out West and want a lobster dinner. Not looking for linen tablecloths, prefer picnic tables & ice cold beer on the pier. Any suggestions? Anywhere within an hour or so of Foxboro suits us just fine. Thanks

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  1. I rave over Jasper White's Pan Roasted Lobster, like a broken record. The sauce is SOOOO good, though they give you crappy white rolls to sop it up with (I've been known to bring my own bread). It is a specialty of his Summer Shack restaurants. The main one is easy to get to though not really close - rt 1 to 128 north to rt 2 east to the Alewife rotary. You'll see it on your right. There's no view at SS but it is very casual, with a full bar. Foxboro is a fair ways from the water, as you may or may not know. If outside and water are more important than variety of preparation, there's The Barking Crab, and the general area of the Fish Pier, and there's Long Wharf, which is home to a Legal Seafood.

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      Hey, thanks for that. Yes, water & outside I think are important as long as there isn't a gale blowing. I believe outside on a pier is the real New England experience. I've got your suggestions & Directions and appreciate you taking the time.

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        Not a fan of Summershack and no view, but there is one in Dedham and I believe the many raves that the pan roasted lobster is amazing.

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          If you mean the one in the Legacy Place mall, I thought it closed up. I don't go to Summer Shack often, but I dined in the Dedham one once and it was not a good experience. Food was just lacking in flavor and care. At least with the one in Boston, I've had average / ok meals.

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            Dedham Summer Shack is near the Legacy Mall, but not in it. About 1/10 mile up "formerly known as route 1" towards Boston from 128

      2. Are you staying in Boston? Foxborough? Providence?

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          Staying in Foxboro, but have a rental car and a little time so to drive 60 -90 minutes for lobster on a pier shouldn't be a problem.

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            I'm thinking Back Eddy in Wesport MA - not sure of their hours that time of year, or Matunuck Oyster in Rhode Island may be good bets. I know Matunuck is year round and has heatlamps and blankets for outdoor dining during mid season cold snaps, and you could enjoy visiting Narraganset and walking a few beaches off season. Just two ideas.

            You could also go to BigY up the road and have the grocer steam you some lobsters and enjoy them back at the room with a movie for a fraction of the cost! Just order some extra towels from housekeeping! Or both! You might also consider Skipjacks at the Stadium for a fish dinner, although, again, it doesn't fit into the ocean front style of the first two destinations it might be enjoyable for a meal.

            1. re: Bellachefa

              oh and you won't want to be venturing outside of foxboro too far on game day as traffic is huge. sit tight and take in the scene. might be a good time to get those grocery steamed lobsters, which can go from anywhere from $4 -$12 lb (too early to predict this seasons prices) and have you're own private tailgate party!

              1. re: Bellachefa

                Thanks for the recommendations. And thanks for the tip re: traffic on game day. Something we hadn't thought about. Don't get to the City often and when you only have 1 stop sign in town who thinks about traffic!

                1. re: Duke3672

                  getting in and out of there on game days can take longer than the actual game.

                  1. re: hotoynoodle

                    Thanks again, trying to wrap my head around big crowds. We're staying about 1 mile from the stadium so I guess worse case scenario we could walk! (only to work up an appetite). Hotel says they can arrange a local shuttle company for us. We'll have to live with it, it's a "bucket list" thing. We do appreciate the heads up. And that's why we use this site, to get tips from locals!

                    1. re: Duke3672

                      Trying to wrap you head around big crowds? Your flying to a football stadium on the east coast man, snap out of it! LOL!!!

                      Which hotel? I know the area pretty well.

                      I'm not into hunting and fishing and taxidermy, but if you've never been to a Bass Pro Shop - it is very impressive. And the cranberry bog hike out back is an easy and enjoyable stroll, especially that time of year, since I'm thinking you don't have many cranberry bogs in your neck of the woods. Something local to do on game day depending if it's an afternoon or evening game.

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                        If the hotel offers a shuttle from the hotel to the stadium, take advantage of that. You can always walk back to the hotel if the weather is nice but keep in mind that it'll likely be in a sea of automobile exhaust from the traffic jam that follows the game.

                        A shuttle into Boston would also be good, since you wouldn't need to navigate a maze of often one-way streets to find parking, depending on where you're eating.

                        1. re: Duke3672

                          are you attending an afternoon or night game? are you trying to have this meal on game day? or another day before/after?

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                            Thanks for all the replies, it's a Thursday night game and we arrive in Foxboro early Wed. afternoon so would do this dinner right after check-in. Thursday maybe jump on the train and go downtown and do lunch at a Boston "Irish" Pub, another bucket list thing. We're actually doing 3 games in 5 days, Patriots on Thur., Bills on Sun. and Steelers on Mon. Oh! and we do have cranberry bogs outside Vancouver, but ..... not close enough to walk to, it'd be a weekend trip. We're staying at the Marriott Courtyard Boston/Foxborough. So while we're at it, any suggestions for an interesting "Irish" Pub, something we shouldn't miss? Oh yeah, we also have Bass Pro Shop & Cabela's within a day or two drive so get there at least once a year.

                            1. re: Duke3672

                              Another option would be to stay, and dine, in Boston rather than near the stadium. There's commuter rail service from Boston South Station—near to many restaurants that can satisfy your lobster needs, and to some nice hotels as well—directly to Gillette Stadium ( Note that this service runs only out to and back from Patriots home games; you won't be able to use it to get into town for tourism and dining. Boston is a lot more interesting place to stay, and to eat, than Foxboro.

                              1. re: owades

                                Should you decide to take owades's excellent suggestion, check this current thread for recommendations for downtown Boston hotels and B&B's. Among the latter I linked to in my post on that thread is a houseboat B&B! This category of accommodation is generally more affordable than the good hotels, allowing more $ for meals and splurchases.

                              2. re: Duke3672

                                Definitely, definitely walk to and from the game. I've waited more than an hour to get out of the parking lot after a game previously. On Wednesday you should only have to worry about ordinary Boston-area traffic, which is no picnic but should be fine if you stay away from I-93. - in fact, you may want to head in the opposite direction from Boston. I've never been personally, but folks like the Liberal Club in Fall River; it may be appropriate for your beer-and-lobsters-by-the-water criteria.

                                1. re: cjd260

                                  The liberal club is not by the water and I'm not sure they serve whole lobster either.

              2. If you're willing to drive, the bridges at Cape Cod are about 60 mins away. Post your request on the Southern NE board for the latest in that area

                Midweek, traffic should not be too bad........but i'd avoid going over the bridges if possible

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                  Curious, but why should someone avoid the bridges to the Cape, especially after Labor Day midweek? It should be a breeze in either direction.

                  1. re: CapeCodGuy

                    true.but "just over the bridge" doesn't offer least the last time I was there and anything good ( I am assuming the Bourne Bridge) is a bit of a drive, while there used to be a few good choices in the Buzzards Bay area. The other thing is that given a snag on the bridge or approaches, it can be along haul back.

                    If you have a cple of places nearby, I'm sure they would like to know

                    1. re: FriedClamFanatic

                      I like the Back Eddy suggestion.

                      Within about an hour, the Clam Shack in Falmouth fits the outdoor waterfront bill. Flo's in Middletown, RI is right across the street from the water, and you could walk it off on the Newport Cliff Walk and see a few of the mansions.

                      1. re: CportJ

                        Thanks for the tips. Now I guess we have to hope for good weather. I'm sure it's no fun sitting next to the water in a Nor'easter!!!

                      2. re: FriedClamFanatic

                        East Wind Lobster in Buzzards Bay is outdoor and on the water, although I wouldn't recommend it as a destination clam shack.

                  2. Capt. Mardens in Wellesley. BYOB. Fresh fish (attached to fish store), nothing fancy.

                    1. If you are staying at the Courtyard in Foxboro it is more like 5 miles from the stadium. Sounds like you are going to the game against the Jets. If you stay to the end of the game you will not be out of there much before midnight. The evening temps at that time could easily be in the 40's. Definitely don't want to be walking back to your hotel under those conditions.

                      Another option to consider is the Lafayette House in Foxboro. It is actually about 1 mile south of the stadium. Not exactly chowish (ducking) but I think they do lobster there. And it is close enough that people park there and walk to the stadium. Then after the game you are on the right side of the stadium to get back to route 140 and drive to your hotel.

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                        Thanks for the tips. Lady on the front desk guessed a mile - thanks for clarifying we won't be walking! One of us is from northern Canada - 40 degrees(?) he'll probably break out a sweatshirt - LOL. But, in all seriousness thanks everyone for the tips if we can't find a decent place to eat from this info our expectations are way too high!