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Jun 27, 2014 03:26 PM

Butcher Paper in Van

Hey Guys

I need to find rolls of Butcher paper, and have not yet have lock to locate it, Gourmet warehouse does not have the good old classic butcher paper.

I am located in Vancouver, BC.


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  1. Have you asked your butcher if you can purchase butcher paper?

    1. I know most people might suggest me to do that, but I kind of want to know where to purchase as they sell as it's their own merchandise.

      Appreciated, anyone?

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      1. Check whether or not Enterprise Paper, or a food-service distributor such as Yen Bros. or Pacific Restaurant Supply will do cash and carry.

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        1. re: KarenDW

          Nice, I will look into that, will get back to you shortly!

        2. Google "Butcher Paper" and numerous butcher supply companies should come up. Several different types and sizes to pick from.

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          1. re: Tom34

            I goggled it before I decided to ask this question, I online shopping a lot, but it does not quiet cut it if you need it in a time efficiency manner, that's why I like to know where to purchase, I guess I should indicated " Able to purchase physically " but thanks for the input!

          2. H Y Louie on Malkin has it. They are a cash and carry supplier of all things restaurant and food industry open to the public. Fun place to poke around.
            I've only looked at the butcher paper that comes in large food service rolls so it may be way more than you want but they may well have pre cut squares in packages.

            Another place that carries the large rolls is the Superstore wholesale (not really wholesale but food service sizes) on Kingsway -just past Metrotown if you're coming from Vancouver.

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            1. re: eatrustic

              on Kingsway, at Royal Oak: Great Canadian Wholesale. Cash or debit only, no credit cards. Sigh. (have not confirmed the availability of butcher paper)