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Jun 27, 2014 02:31 PM

Reccommendations for upscale Halal restaurants in Boston?

Hi there,
I am trying to organize a dinner for a family reunion this December in the Boston area. Some of my family members keep halal so I would love to hear your recommendations and thoughts for a suitable restaurant that serves great halal food. I would imagine our options would be limited to Middle Eastern, Indian and/or Seafood restaurants which is perfectly fine. Ideally the restaurant would be a an upscale, white tablecloth type of establishment with private/semi-private space available for a dinner party of 20-25 people. The only good option that come to mind is Lala Rokh. I just wanted to see if folks had any other recommendations as well. Thank you for your help in advance!

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  1. It is my understanding that The Helmand, in Cambridge, is halal. It is Afghani cuisine and the owner is a relative of former prime minister Karzai.

    Oleana in Cambridge is very highly rated for its Middle-Eastern influenced vegetarian dishes.

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      The Helmand doesn't appear to be halal, although their "sister" restaurant, Ariana, is. Ariana is pretty nice for Allston but I'm not sure I'd call it upscale.

      Oleana is definitely not halal.

      This site has a list of halal restaurants in the Greater Boston area:

      Most are not upscale by any stretch of the imagination, but Al Wadi in West Roxbury should fit the bill for you. I haven't been there myself, but it comes highly recommended by others on this board and elsewhere.

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        Okay - while halal is not mentioned on Helmand's website, its mention on the Groupon website does say halal. So it merits a double-check before reservations there.

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          op mentioned lala rokh, which is not halal, so i am wondering about his/her definition?

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          Sorry, just called Helmand Restaurant, they don't have any halal food.

        3. No direct experience myself, but have you looked at Moroccan Hospitality?

          1. don't know how upscale it is against your standard but Café Baraka in Cambridge is very good Tunisian food and halal. I think the same is true of Istanbulu but I'm not sure of that one.

            1. A friend of mine who keeps halal tells me that some of the major steakhouses can prepare halal meals with advance notice - I don't know which in particular, but it might be worth calling around.

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                i worked for 2 of the bigger ones and this is not something we ever did. not even for saudi royals.

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                  I'm told that Ruth's Chris offers halal steaks if ordered a day in advance. Worth a shot, at the very least.

              2. Darbar is not exactly upscale, but it is very clean and tidy inside and also halal. (And also delicious).

                If your relatives would consider a kosher restaurant to also be halal, there's Ta'am China, the white-table cloth Kosher Chinese restaurant in Brookline. Similarly, if they would accept a vegetarian restaurant, I'd recommend True Bistro in Somerville, which is an upscale vegetarian restaurant.

                Finally, another option would be renting a space for 25 people and bringing in a halal caterer.