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Jun 27, 2014 11:56 AM

Santa Barbara Seafood (family friendly)

We're spending the weekend in the SB/Oxnard area with our 3 boys (11, 9, and 8). We're huge fans of Point Loma in San Diego, and was wondering if there was anything in the area like that...a seafood market that's also a restaurant and cooks their product in-house. Good clams chowder isn't a must, but would be a bonus.

Thanks so much!

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  1. Brophy Bros is a nice spot at the Marina and the new Public Market on Chapala and Figueroa has a seafood restaurant/market with counter seats. I don't know much about places at the harbor, but you could do a search for Santa Barbara seafood on CH.

    1. my all time favorite seafood in SB is Brophys, though not the best for kids. On Stearns Wharf- try SBShellfish- tanks of crab & Lobster to choose from- lots of seating choices outside or on pier- perfect for kids!

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        Doesn't Brophys have an outdoor restaurant around the corner from the restaurant? That would be very casual and good for kids. Brophys is pretty casual also. I would bring kids there no problem.

      2. I would skip Santa Barbara Shellfish Company. Mrs ricepad and I hit it once a while back, and it was strange. My calamari and pasta was quite good, but Mrs. ricepad's crab cakes were probably the worst we've ever experienced. Gummy and flavorless, tasting more of filler than of crab. Not worth it at half the price.

        1. Family friendly - Mac's Fish and Chips on State Street with their deep fried candy bars. A Mom's nightmare, right? But it is the real deal like what one would find in the UK. And their mushy peas are a great way to get them to eat their vegetables. Cole slaw is fresh and good along with their pickles. Casual place - stools and high chairs, or some tables. Self-serve.

          The outdoor patio dining at the BoatHouse at Hendry's Beach at the end of Las Positas Road is as family friendly of a beach restaurant as you will find in town, plus have the fun of visiting the beach too. Mom and Dad can enjoy a drink there too.

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            The kids wanted fish and chips, so we went to Mac's. They loved it, and I'm a fan of the mushy peas. We even let them try the fried candy bar...obviously, the kids loved it, while my husband and I thought it was just interesting. Thanks for the rec! We're coming up in the area in August, and will have to try Brophy's and the BoatHouse then.

          2. Thanks for your follow-up report. Always good to get feedback and that no culinary crimes were committed recommending deep fried candy bars at Mac's.