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Oxnard - Family Friendly

Spending the weekend in Oxnard and Santa Barbara with our 3 boys (11, 9, and 8). We're fans of all cuisines, and are looking to stay away from chains. Our hotel offers breakfast daily, so no need for breakfast joints. Any recs would be much appreciated. Bonus points to places with good wine and great drinks (for us not the kids).

Thanks so much!

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  1. Julia Child's favorite La Super Rica in Santa Barbara is a must. Always a line and cash only but it's really really worth it. Closed Wednesdays.

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      +1 for this place but bear in mind no liquor.

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        there's like 10 other taco spots on milpas worth eating at as well

      2. When driving through Oxnard on the way north, I've been meaning to stop at Henri's Café because I've read really good things about it on this board. Have not done so yet, but I hope to yet. I know you don't need a breakfast rec, but it also serves (according to what I've read) really good diner food for lunch and dinner. Not a chain, obviously, and should be very kid friendly. The chicken fried steak is highly recommended.

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          I guess I'm the one who's made all the noise about Henri's. We've gotten so fond of it that when our car club's visit to the Mullin Museum segued into a potluck picnic in Camarillo, Mrs. O almost rebelled when she learned it meant no Henri's this time.

          We've had breakfast orders there, lunch orders and dinner plates, all depending on our mood of the moment, and it was all good. I've not been to any restaurant that did a better job of cooking fresh vegetables, which is very important to us. Mrs. O doesn't like them crunchy, and I hate them overdone; these are neither of those things. Amazing how careful cooking can elevate the typical broccoli/carrot/whatever melange to something delightful.

          Just don't show up midday on a Sunday expecting to get a table right away – the locals know what they have here, and cram it after church.

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            We tried Moqueca today for lunch. Had the special mixed seafood stew...it was really good! The boys had the carbonara and a World Cup game to watch. Tatiana provided wonderful service. Loved it! Thanks, Sevorg!

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              It really is a gem up in that area. Glad it worked out. Thanks for reporting back.

          2. You might like the very casual diner like
            Pete's Breakfast House
            2055 E Main St
            Ventura, CA
            The Kitchen
            529 S A ST
            Oxnard, CA

            both very kid friendly

              1. There's a great seafood place in a strip mall in Oxnard called Fishermen's Catch. Very casual. They do have wine and beer, but not much of a selection. Though I found a decent white. It's family owned....and so fresh. They have a list of what they caught that day....and also what they bought or flew in that is fresh. They'll prepare it pretty much however you want....fish & chips, tacos, grilled over brown rice and veggies. So good. Maybe a lunch stop?

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                  Second this place. We eat here often when we are in Oxnard. Check out the Jolly Oyster nearby in Ventura too. Not a restaurant though. More of a place to buy and shuck your own oysters and clams on the beach. Bonus? You are allowed to bring and consume alcohol there.

                2. There's a great Thai spot called Bkue Elephant in Oxnard. Toppers Pizza waterfront location on the harbor is great. Agree with the fishermans catch rec. Up at the strip mall near Hollywood Beach there's a food court with impressive Japanese street food - okonomiyaki, tako balls, shaveice. And, the most hidden gem of all the Oxnard hidden gems... If it's still there, see this spot I discovered years ago. Bonkers. Fishermans House. http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/641256

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                    We hit up the Fisherman's House strip yesterday. My husband wanted sushi, one kid wanted ramen and takoyaki, the other two wanted Fisherman's platter, and I saw the live seafood tank. My favorite item was the fresh Santa Barbarba spot prawns, served fresh with the heads fried. Loved the fresh fried seafood, and the sushi was decent. Didn't try the ramen, but the kid seemed to like it. The takoyaki seemed raw inside...still custardy. I took it back and reheated it as a snack later. I liked it then. Thanks for the rec!

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                      glad you liked it. i've had the spot prawns....excellent!

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                        raw inside of takoyaki standard from my experience.

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                          Perhaps I've had them wrong all my life then. They were good, but my brain didn't know what to make of it.

                    2. Just went to Cabo on Oxnard Blvd and it was nice. Full bar and had Mariachi's on Sunday.