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Jun 27, 2014 10:58 AM

Malibu in the Mornings

First off, neither Me nor P. are in rehab, nor have we won the lotto...

BUT, I'm going be spending some time in Malibu through out next month mostly before noon with an hour or two to kill. I went yesterday and had Grom. It was good, but a bit flabby! But it was nothing like the disaster of a meal I had at Marmalade Cafe... ugh.

Going next week and probably will hit Maison Giraud. But for the coming weeks, are there places in near Malibu/Palasades worth sniffing out for breakfast/lunch/brunch? Any Markets? Gourmet Shops? Good Saturday Farmers Markets?


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  1. Any time I'm in Malibu I always like to stop at Malibu Seafood, get a nice plate of grilled seabass with all the fixins and wander across PCH (kinda like Frogger LOL) and stake a spot in the sand.

    ...and, yes, I hit Grom on the way home.

    1. Did you try any of the fresh fruit flavors at Grom? those are the best. I love the melon...

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      1. re: wienermobile

        I didn't get any of the fruit flavors because they didn't have anything all that exciting. Just rasberry and pear. I would have been all over a peach or apricot or cherry. I guess I'm spoiled by Sweet Rose when it comes to unique seasonal flavors.

        I did get the Tiramisu and Pistachio. Both were very good flavor wise, I just felt the gelato has this overlying fatty heaviness, that provented the flavors from sparkling. Maybe I'm just too used to the lower fat mouthfeel of Scoops, which I actually prefer...


        1. re: Dommy

          The comparison to Sweet Rose is apt. I used to think Groms sorbet was tops but SR has really been sparkling lately.

      2. Love the breakfast burritos at Lilly's in Point Dume. Be sure to get some of the roasted salsa.

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        1. re: whatsfordinner

          Point Dume is lovely -- those outdoor lounge areas are very relaxing, and a person could grab something from the market and sit out and have a very nice time.

          If Dommy's appointments have her in "downtown" Malibu, though, it probably bears noting that Pt Dume is about 6 miles upcoast, so she'll want to budget for that 12-mile-RT drive-time. Very pretty drive, though, and typically flows without horrible traffic during the mid-day, so that's not necessarily a downside.

          Pt Dume also opens up the possibility of Ollies Duck & Dive gastro-grub, if sufficient lunch time allows (open at 11:30).

          1. re: spoonlicker

            I'll probably be there where there isn't much traffic and in between appointments might have an hour or more to kill. That is why I can get back down into the Palasades I think with good enough time. Thanks for the suggestion of Lilly's... for me it's a sign. :)


        2. A little out into the canyons, but brunch at Saddle Peak Lodge could be the best I've ever had in Southern California. Certainly the best baked goods.

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          1. re: Tyus4pt8

            Agree. Those wild game sausages are the best ever….

            1. re: Tyus4pt8

              I had no idea they did brunch!! :DDDD P. might get super jealous of this news...


              1. re: Dommy

                recently had a soft boiled egg served with toast sticks for dipping, and caviar for dip 2....and the sausages!

                  1. re: wienermobile

                    Drat! Sunday is probably the only day I can't go. :(


              2. You can pick up some nice baked goods - pastries, scones, baguettes - as well as chicken pot pie and soups at K Bakery. It's on south side of Sunset about 1/4 mile east of PCH, on the way into the Palisades. Do check out Maison Giraud and, of course, test MG's famous croissant. I guess you won't be there for dinner (though I think it's open for lunch), but you also can check out the greatly overlooked Casa Nostra, nicely situated about 2 miles up Palisades Drive (which is off Sunset about 1/2 mile east of PCH). Very nice pastas and pizza; in particular the pappardelle with duck ragu.

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                1. re: Wayno

                  Wonderful! I was hoping for bakery/market recs (aside from Maison Giraud!) as I'm sure P. is going to want me to bring some of these goodies home! :DD


                  1. re: Dommy

                    Maison Giraud is great! I respectfully disagree with the K bakery recommendation

                    1. re: budlit

                      I adamantly disagree with the MG reco for croissants.
                      They are VERY disappointing.

                      1. re: VenusCafe

                        Each to their own taste. I have never, until now, heard anyone describe MG croissants as "VERY disappointing.

                        1. re: budlit

                          Yeah, I was shocked by that, as if there was something personal involved in that assessment. But, I guess one could find them "too buttery."

                            1. re: Wayno

                              Well Wayno, the only personal' part is that I have had so much better; after a few Sunday morning tastings, my shock is reserved for all the ubiquitious overpraise those croisants keep getting. That is even more amazing than how many CH's just LOVE McD fish fillets!

                            2. re: budlit

                              MG croissants are the closest I've been to God for a long time! Brilliant!!

                      2. re: Wayno

                        Congrats, Wayno, on being so confident of East/South, etc.,
                        along those winding roads to Palisades. (Topanga as well!) You must have a compass in your car.
                        Additionally, along the coast, beaches change from West facing to South facing. It is the only area that I cannot designate by N/S/E/W directions.