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Where to find a package of chewing tobacco? (to boil for spider repellent)

I need to find a package of chewing tobacco.


Do I need to go to a specialty store?

I don't recall seeing it at HEB.

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  1. Seems like any derelict convenience store would have it right next to the lottery tickets. I'll keep a look out.

    1. Any place that sells tobacco products (cigarettes, cigars) should also have chewing or pipe tobacco.

      1. It is by the cigarettes at the HEB

        1. Well that's easy enough.

          Darn Texas wolf spiders are so aggressive.

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          1. re: sweet100s

            I'm guessing Florida wolf spiders are in the same league.

            GAWD I hate spiders, especially big hairy ones like wolf spiders.

            Screw the chewing tobacco -- I want napalm for those bastards.

            I had a hatch out in my pool cage -- I was scooping a dozen of them a day out of the pool filter (I was freaking out over one of them being not quite drowned...)

            and another hatch in an office where I used to work. For whatever reason, the first one showed up in my office, and I took a lot of shit for it for about 2 weeks. Somebody left a can of spider killer on my desk with some smartass note on it about magic spider killer....it was all fun and games until the spiders showed up in everybody else's office within 2 weeks...suddenly that can of spider killer was a hot commodity.

          2. We usually use boiled or baked marijuana flowers for wolf spiders - but good to know tobacco is also effective. Wolf spiders also hate ren and stimpy and loud 70's herbie hancock !!

            pipeworld on Anderson lane or La Frontera in RR says "you'll never get bored with our selection of chewing tobaccos" http://www.pipeworld.com/chewing-toba...

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            1. re: slowcoooked

              "Wolf spiders . . . hate . . . loud 70's herbie hancock !!"

              No accounting for taste. I'm rather fond of that!!

              1. re: slowcoooked

                hmmm....boiled/baked marijuana, Ren and Stimy, and Herbie Hancock all at once?

                Are the spiders actually gone, or do you just not actually realize they're hanging with you? :)

              2. Years ago my husband fly swatted a Texas wolf spider in a dimly lit living room and about 200 babies jumped ship off its back. Never made that mistake again. I just noticed the first ones this past week. It's that time of year.

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                1. re: miss_belle

                  I've met someone who that's happened to. I bet it isn't a good feeling to have 200 baby spiders in every nook and cranny of a living room!

                  1. re: rudeboy

                    I would scream my head off.

                    Has that scene Miss Belle described ever been featured in a horror movie?

                    1. re: rudeboy

                      In addition to them being fearless and aggressive, their little exoskeletons are very strong

                      I jumped on one like a screaming Ninja Warrior and it still moved at half speed away.

                      1. re: rudeboy

                        Once they hatch from the egg sac they live on mama's back. Whenever I see one that looks particularly plump I put my glasses on and grab a can of Raid.:-)

                      2. re: miss_belle

                        eeeewwwwwwww,,,,,,iiicccccckkkkk aaaugghhhh The horror of that in my head is ....like those victorian pulp fiction novels ...I feel I need smelling salts....

                      3. If you know someone who smokes cigars, ask him to save the butts and toss them in a gallon jar of water. they'll leech out the stuff you want.

                        1. i'm not arachnophobic, but i'm moving from an apartment into my first house here in TX and i guess i need to look out for these buggers?

                          definitely gonna look into the chewing tobacco...

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                          1. re: dinaofdoom

                            Dina - from Fry's Electronics, get one of those mirrors on an expanding wand. Like the kind you see Swat guys use to look around corners in movies.

                            With a flashlight and that mirror, look under ALL the toe kick areas in your bathroom and kitchen cabinets.

                            If you see any pea-size cotton balls, those are spider nests. They happily lived under my kitchen cabinets even though the floor is mopped once or twice a week.

                            1. re: sweet100s

                              oh sweet jesus, i may never leave the house again!

                            2. re: dinaofdoom

                              Here is a pic of the dreaded Texas Wolf spider so you know what to look for.

                              Well that was embarrassing. Here is the correct link.


                              They look scary but harmless IMO. You'll get used to them after awhile:-)

                              1. re: dinaofdoom

                                thanks to the good lord two of my three cats love eating bugs. I rarely see a spider or roach in our house anymore because even though they won't touch cheese or meat of any type we give them, they eat spider webs and roaches and probably spiders. god bless cats.

                              2. To keep this food related, MT Supermarket sells wads of dried tobacco in the dry spice/mixes section. And it's cheaper since it appeared to have bypassed the normal taxing authorities - about 2.5 ounces for $1.89 or so. I have no idea what it's used for but I have it on good authority that you DO NOT want to try and smoke it!

                                1. Looked at the wiki. I can't imagine anyone in Texas wanting to rid their garden of a predator who kills the uncountable number of chomping, sucking, tunneling little vermin with which we are blessed.

                                  Also worth noting that I suspect the "repelling" is actually poisoning with the nicotine from the tobacco. Years ago there was an insecticide called Black Leaf 40 whose primary ingredient was nicotine. If memory serves, a synthetic nicotine is now being blamed for bee mortality.

                                  Just be careful if you have kids or pets that might get it on their skin and groom it off.

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                                  1. re: akachochin

                                    Thanks for the warning re: nicotine poisoning.

                                    Spiders are welcome anywhere outside +10 feet away from my house.

                                    Inside? No...

                                    Most decisions we make have competing risks.

                                    Anyone who is taking care of an elderly relative needs to worry about this helpful predator when it's indoors, even though it's technically barely venomous / not venomous.

                                    When a wolf spider bit me, ( a healthy adult female when not absorbing formaldehyde or propyle e glycol :-), it was simply painful and took forever to heal.

                                    When a wolf spider bit a family member 80+ who I was taking care of - healthy besides knee arthritis, still yelling at the Dallas Cowboys on TV and enjoying retired life, and totally fun to have around..

                                    She aged 10 years in 2 months. 3 months later she was gone.

                                    Bite area got infected. Then one problem quickly led to another. Several hospitalizations. Discharge to hospice care center. She said she was hungry but then would seem physically repulsed by food when she tried to eat, even when I made her most favorite things. "Failure to thrive."

                                    Her organs started failing. Wish someone had warned me about what the last 10 minutes would be like...I thought she was choking on something. The RN told me that's what it's like at the end. I didn't make her passing easy - I was begging her to please don't go till the nurse told me that makes it harder on someone dying because they can hear long after they can't talk anymore, and at this point you need to tell them it's OK to go.

                                    30 minutes after passing a hospice person who just started shift came in and said, "She looks a lot better."

                                    1. re: akachochin

                                      I'm willing to let them live outside where my organic veggies grow on my organically-fertilized yard-- inside my living quarters or workspace? No, that's mine, and I'm not going to share.

                                      1. re: sunshine842

                                        Plus you don't want tobacco in your garden because of the risk of spreading mosaic virus.

                                        Sweet100s, how awful!

                                        1. re: kosheri

                                          It actually took me a long time to learn to live with spiders in my yard.

                                          I still don't like them, and am still prone to having a freak-out if I find a particularly large or hairy one, but I leave them alone. (and I grudgingly admire the one clever enough to build a web that spans the top of my compost bin....)