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Jun 27, 2014 06:48 AM

Taqueria del Sol/Sweet Taco: Willow Grove

Can someone help me understand what happened here? Taqueria del Sol (TdS) was part of what looked like a franchise that began in Atlanta. My husband and I liked the place, and were frequent diners. Two weeks ago, I got my usual weekly email telling what the specials for the week were, and two days later their Facebook page posts that they are no longer TdS, but are now Sweet Taco. "Same menu, they say, but now we have donuts. Huh?

Hubby and I went last night. The interior is different, but not in a good way. They removed some ofthe clean, stainless-topped tables and replaced them with cheesy booths, with old doors-under-plexiglass for tables. They've added a "conversation pit" in the far corner, with oversized black sofas and chairs. The taco, sides and soups are still on the menu, but gone are the enchiladas (which my DH loved), and gone are the entrees. The enchiladas have been replaced with burritos, a cheese steak burrito being one of the more creative listings. They still have a bar. No donuts were in evidence.

Hubby and I walked out. There was nothing on the menu that we wanted or that we couldn't have gotten across the way at Qdoba. I went to TdS's website, and this location is no longer listed. I went to the FB page, and they are still under Taqueria del Sol, but the info is all about Sweet Taco.

What's up? Falling out amongst partners? Behind the scenes intrigue? Whatever caused this shift, they've lost us, and our extended family, as customers.

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  1. Yeah we had the same experience. We'd only been to TdS once, and were really looking forward to going back (we'd heard the chain was Beard Foundation recognized). When we returned to Sweet Taco it looked a lot more rundown and not as well maintained. The food was still ok (although I'm bummed about the enchiladas), but I'm a bit worried.

    When we were there they had several donuts (not nearly enough to fill it) in the front case. I didn't get to try any but they looked ok.

    1. I believe the franchise owners of the TDS in Willow Grove decided they didn't want to continue with the same great food and follow the TDS directed way of doing business required by TDS parent company. They parted ways and Sweet Taco continues to use the TDS recipes without success. Come to Atlanta where we have the original TDS locations and the food is always awesome and consistent!!

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        Without success? Are you kidding? Sweet Taco has been packed every weekday that I've gone for lunch, with a lot of satisfied customers. The owner is very friendly, he explained that he had a desire to add salads and donuts to the menu, but the franchise wouldn't allow it so he created his own brand. I applaud the owner for following his own path - and the results are quite tasty in my opinion. I had been to TDS a couple of times before, and while I liked the food I also found the menu a bit limited. The revamped menu is simpler but also offers more variety. Far superior to what they're slinging over at Qdoba. I have recommended it to all of my friends.

      2. If you're ever in Delco, springfield still has TDS

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          The owner told me the Springfield location is also going to be a sweet taco. Sad.

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            It has been transformed as well. Owned by same people.

        2. Sounds like the owner is just begging for a lawsuit. No way would TdS allow him to use their recipes.

          Btw, just got a text from my gf telling me the Springfield location is now Sweet Taco. (Hence the reason I stumbled upon this thread.)

          1. TDS in Springfield is now Sweet Taco. We loved TDS and were nervous about the change as well. No need though! Sweet Taco is delicious too! Changes to the interior were for the better! Lighting is more subdued and seating is a bit different, but we like it all! While waiting for our take-out order, the manager stopped by our table and spoke to us about the changes. (She knew us from our frequent visits to TDS) She even TRIED to give us samples of the tasty donuts that are now part of the menu.(My husband insisted on paying for them!) Moral of the story... If you liked TDS ....You will like Sweet Taco as well! Don't knock it until YOU'VE tried it!