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Jun 26, 2014 05:27 PM

Forthcoming July trip... heavy on the Sno Balls and cold soups!

Hi friends... coming back to town on July 13.

My first time in July and I am (of course) preparing. DD lives very close to Plum Street so we have some loyalty.

Just saw this comparison of Hansen's and Plum in a blog: pretty much saying hands down Hansen's is far better.

Anyhow, besides Hansen's & Plum Street here are a few more on my list. Appreciate any feedback; as you can see I am much less decisive than on previous journeys. Giggle.

Late brunch Day 1: TBD - Uptown or LGD area would be the best. I am a fan of both Dante's and Atchafalaya for lunch, anything comparable you would choose?

Dinner Day 1: Carrollton Market has some interesting starters including a Tomotts’ Farm Tomato Gazpacho. How is the place doing?

Lunch Day 2: McHardy's Chicken
HH/Dinner Day 2: Borgne, Yellow Tomato Gazpacho looks good. 'hounders like the duck poppers, too?

Lunch Day 3: Plum Street Sno Balls, perhaps Satsuma on Mag.
Dinner Day 3: Something on Freret, maybe High Hat

Lunch Day 4: Oxalis or Marti's, both new to me

Dinner Day 4: Organizing the group Chowdown @ Toup's Meatery. Please attend: 7:30 pm WED 7/16. email me so I can get you the details.

Lunch Day 5: TBD

Dinner Day 5: This is the night of spirited dinners? Should I? Which one?

Day 6: Fly home.

Chime in eaters!

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  1. I found Carrolton Market to be very average and somewhat uninspiring. But, it was just open for a few weeks, and our server was new. I would give it another shot so I wouldn’t take it off your list. Other opinions?

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    1. re: shanefink

      Thanks, shanefink. I am looking for something (not too formal) in the Riverbend area for that night but don't want to do average. If we go we will probably sit at the bar/counter & do starters.

      Also what about my Oxalis v. Marti's query. I do like a good bistro atmosphere so have wanted to try Marti's, but have not delved into reviews. Is it also average?

    2. I am going to fit Noodle & Pie in there somewhere:

      Anyone tried their pies?

      1. Let me know what you find in the way of good, cold soups. Everyone I beg to feature them tells me "they don't sell." I have not had a decent gazpacho in ages to say nothing of vichysoisse (The best of this last was, of all places, at Baton Rouge's City Club.)

        Since you are working assiduously to get the New Orleans lifestyle down pat, you should establish yourself as a regular at a few places and I always tell visitors that a non-Friday, leisurely Galatoire's afternoon would be the envy of other cities if their citizens ever took the effort and time to find out about it. I like to sit in the back a shoot the breeze with the waiters while they are eating.

        I don't see the hoopla over Marti's but I am sure it's perfectly decent. It is hard to be truly sub-par in this town.

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        1. re: hazelhurst

          thanks, hh. good idea about becoming a regular somewhere --- but I am a bit fickle.

          Almost all of the above are new to me on my 10th visit to your fine city. Whose counting? Plenty of time for me to be a semi-local. My kid ain't moving back to California, that's fo' sho!

          I guess if I was going to be "regular" anywhere it would probably be the bar at Herbsaint or Mr. B's.

          You may be the first to recommend a NON Friday at Galatoire's. I have only done Friday lunch -- and I would say that is a once in a life-time experience. ;}

          But your advice to sit back and shoot the breeze w/waiters is a great idea. BTW, we had the blond woman waitress and she was great. Took all her suggestions, wish I could remember her name. She was referred by the board.

          I have a sense I have not arrived re: "lifestyle down pat" until I do Clancy's -- which is slated for my October visit. More later on that visit.

          Yes, will let you know about the cold soups. Would love to find a decent vichysoisse . Also pies.

          1. re: karendor

            I meant to suggest Clancy's in the post but somehow it got zapped. It is a good place to be a regular. I was a founding member there having followed the owner, Brad, from Galatoire's where he was a waiter.

            I had to take a visitor to Galatoire's on a Friday a few years ago and it was a zoo. One of the old line waiters, Homer, looked at me and said "What the hell are YOU doing here on Friday?" It settled down around 3:00 but prior to that we switched tables three times until we could pounce on my favorite, where two drunk women managed to knock the wine bucket over. One of the party started saying "Oh, it's GAL-a-toire's! Things like this happen at GAL-a-toire's!" at which point MC, another waiter, said "You don't have to tell Mr.______ about the place: he grew up in here." I could have kissed him. Fridays often go out of the way to be obnoxious. I don't mind loud but it can be painful. The odd Wednesay at 3:30 or 4:00 when I've been the only customer in the place and you can hear the clock ticking is a favorite experience. Every now and then the old waiters and I fall into maudlin reminicences and talk of dead waiters or the family or the old wallpaper or the original floor. It's lots of fun.

            1. re: karendor

              Antoine's has vichysoisse on its summer specials menu, which is 3 courses for $20. I haven't gone this year so far, but the past few years the food has been fine, not outstanding but certainly not terrible. Might be worth a glance. It's fun to eat in there at any rate.

              K-Paul's has a chilled peach soup on the lunch menu this week. It changes weekly but they frequently have a cold soup on in the summertime. The online menu is updated every Thursday morning.

              1. re: uptownlibrarian

                I'm glad to hear that Antoine's has vichyssoise. I don't get there as often as I used to. I've always liked it but it was also a family favorite so I'm being loyal.

                1. re: uptownlibrarian

                  uptown: Thank you... these are great tips. Chilled peach soup sounds amazing and I have never been to K-Paul's. Will check menu before I get into town.

                  Also, hope you will consider the inaugural Toups' chowdown if it fits in your summer eating plans!