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New food court in Flushing

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Looks like a new food court " New York Food Court " is going to open it's doors on Roosevelt Ave between Prince St and College Pt. Blv'd. Sign was up today ,I don't remember seeing it last week.

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  1. Yes !!! I am jumping. Hopefully it's llke Savor Fusion was, or better. I miss that place ... http://newyork.seriouseats.com/2012/0...

    1. I did a flyby. Looks like there's a ways to go. Regarding Savor Fusion, that was written up by me and others on this board way before Serious Eats knew about it.

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        Here's the Chow Blog take on the departed Savor Fusion, based on posts by Peter and others ... http://www.chow.com/food-news/93419/f... Nothing against Serious Eats, but Chowhound got the scoop on this one.

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            I miss the dumpling people from Savor Fusion so much!