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Jun 26, 2014 04:34 PM

New food court in Flushing

Looks like a new food court " New York Food Court " is going to open it's doors on Roosevelt Ave between Prince St and College Pt. Blv'd. Sign was up today ,I don't remember seeing it last week.

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  1. Yes !!! I am jumping. Hopefully it's llke Savor Fusion was, or better. I miss that place ...

    1. I did a flyby. Looks like there's a ways to go. Regarding Savor Fusion, that was written up by me and others on this board way before Serious Eats knew about it.

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      1. re: Peter Cuce

        Here's the Chow Blog take on the departed Savor Fusion, based on posts by Peter and others ... Nothing against Serious Eats, but Chowhound got the scoop on this one.

          1. re: AubWah

            I miss the dumpling people from Savor Fusion so much!

      2. The food court still isn't open for business, but this afternoon the front doors were unlocked, and I walked in for a look with a couple of dining buddies. Signs, though not many menus, were already in place for 20-some vendors (25 stalls, allowing for at least one business with a double-wide space); none were immediately familiar. The seating area looked to be half that of the New World Mall, maybe a little more. A few vendors were doing minor construction/preparation at their stalls; one who I talked to said that the food court would probably open "in the next month." Anytime before the really cold weather kicks in will be good.

        Dave Cook

        1. the food Court is now open with most ,but not all , the stalls ready for business. The BBQ place next door looks like it will be open very soon.

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          1. re: hoi lai

            What kind of stalls are there?

            1. re: AubWah

              didn't have much time but I saw a Sichuan stall with cold app's similar to Spicy & Tasty , A Taiwanese noodle stall ,Hot pots ,Buffet plus rice stall, a few desert places , LanZhou Hand pulled Noodle , and a Henan spot as well as a dumpling Place with Northern style goodies and menu only in Chinese. Nothing new & exciting caught my eye.

              1. re: hoi lai

                " Nothing new & exciting caught my eye."

                This was my impression as well. Upon first glance, the New York Food Court, right down to the name and decor, is pretty much a carbon copy of the New World, but with less variety.

                There's tons of noodle joints, some Sichuan, liang pi, bing, hot pot, etc - they're going with the tried and true.

                I hit up Stall #7, Lao Si Ji (the English name: Chicken Noodle), and got the House Special Chicken Noodle Soup with hearts and livers. The noodles were hand-pulled and tasted exactly like Lan Zhou and a million other places. The organ meats added very little.

                On Friday at about lunch time, the court was about three quarters full, so I don't think there will be a foot traffic problem. People can park and shop nearby at Sky Foods, then be here in minutes. The Taiwanese noodle and fried chicken/pork chop specialist - I think it was stall #8, with a cartoon steer lit by neon, was doing the most business.

                I might eventually hit up the "Crispy Pancake" specialist. It's about the third stall on the right as you walk in, #3 I believe. They're still setting up and might be open by tomorrow.


                1. re: Polecat

                  Would be nice to see something new instead of more Taiwanese snack food, well represented by Tapei Hong and the New World Mall

          2. There were about 25 places open the other day, including some very interesting ones, and about 200 eaters at 9 PM. The Sichuan cold dishes may well have come from S & T, they looked indentical. Two dry wok places looked good, plus the usual noodle soups, Taiwanese pancakes, lanzhou noodles, smoothies, etc.
            Didn't eat this time because we had just been to OK Ryan nearby. I liked it and the Family Meal had many choices. Not great san bei ji however. Very friendly people.