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Jun 26, 2014 02:25 PM

Road Kill cafe Seligman Arizona

This place is in the middle of nowhere on the business 40 loop thru Seligman. From the outside it looks touristy with a mock jail and other items for photo ops. Inside, the items have cutesy names. However, this was my second visit to this place and do not let the touristy baggage scare you off. On this occasion I had "buzzard bait" a perfectly acceptable helping of eggs mixed up with chorizo (I'm tempted to call this machaca - with some refried beans and excellent home fries (chopped up with onions and peppers) and a tortilla. Very friendly service with plenty of coffee refills and even a complimentary cup to go. Reasonable price, good food and virtually in the middle of nowhere - I have to wonder why it's not on road food's list.

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