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Jun 26, 2014 12:50 PM

Pittsburgh Bound

My husband and I are dropping our twins off in Pittsburgh to visit friends at Carnegie Mellon the weekend after July 4th. The two of us would like to really experience some Pittsburgh dining.....near the historic strip if possible, as that is where we are staying. We live in NYC and are not so much into 5 star dining as we are interested in eating, well, Pittsburgh. When we went to Philadelphia, we did the cheese steak thing and found a culinary school/restaurant that was fabulous. Any suggestions for the two of us, please?

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  1. The Strip is a great area on weekend mornings. You may just want to stroll the food shops and try some of the local offerings there. Of course if you want classic Pittsburgh, Primanti's original location is there...Some locals hold them in disdain, but I've always loved their unique sandwiches and atmosphere. Another of my favorite places is Enrico's, and Luke Wholeys Wild Alaskan Grill is a nice place to sit outside. You are also close enough to walk to the Cultural District (Penn Ave.) which has a number of good restaurants. One of my favorites there is Meat and Potatoes. I would highly recommend that you take one of the Inclines up to Mt. Washington. There are several restaurants and all are very good, none are great, but the view is spectacular!

    1. Besides Primantis (which I agree is a great place especially in the original location at 18th St in the Strip District) I will second Luke Wholey's and add Bar Marco (great for brunch, drinks or dinner.) We've never been to Enrico's but have heard great things.

      M & P and their sister restaurant Butcher &the Rye are great, but not uniquely Pittsburgh. More like the Breslin or Little Owl in NYC.

      Pittsburgh is known for their burgers and Wingharts is one of our favorites. The Market Square location (downtown walkable from the Strip) is a little divey but very good, fun whiskey selection too.

      Unlike Burghfeeder, I would not recommend any of the Mt. Washington restaurants near the top of the Duquesne Incline. The Shiloh Grill, near the top of the Mon Incline has good bar food, however. Either one has awesome views.

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        I am so sorry I forgot to add to my post-game reply that the people in Pittsburgh were absolutely wonderful.

      2. I am so excited by the responses (when I've talked to friends who visited Pittsburgh---all of whom think the city is fabulous, as long as I go to the Warhol I wouldn't?--they've cited the same places y'all have recommended. Thank you!

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          Please report back about your trip! I think your expectations are reasonable, Pittsburgh's food scene is not comparable to NYC or San Fran. That said, we have plenty of good restaurants...More than I can go to!

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            The Warhol is great and currently has a Halston exhibit I can't wait to see. There was a brief write-up in the NYTimes about the opening.

            If you make it to Pittsburgh on Friday, they are open til 10:00 PM and have 1/2 price admission (yes, even on 7/4) and a cash bar in the lobby.

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              If you're going to the Warhol, you might want to check out Max's Allegheny Tavern.

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                Hi, there. Thank you so much for your responses. We absolutely loved Pittsburgh. Every meal was great. We ate at Nine on Nine on a crazy Cultural Crawl night and had a really delicious meal of appetizers. No one complained about it, in fact, they pulled over an extra table to accommodate the dishes. The food and service was exceptional. The next day we had lunch at Robert Wholey's for some delicious fried soft shell crabs. It was crazy in a fun way. We passed on Primantis as we aren't big believers in fries in a sandwich. However, we did go to the downtown WIngharts which served us two of the best burgers ever in a pleasant, divey atmosphere. The Andy Warhol Museum was fabulous, and the Senator John Heinz Museum (across the street from our hotel) was terrific. Thanks so much for the recommendations. (Meat and Potatoes also looked terrific, but was booked to the gills). Great city, great food.