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Favorite Fish and Chips for F and C Friday?

Where are your favorite fish and chips served? My husband is always looking for new ones. Fish in Sausalito is one of his favorites, so we've got that one covered.

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  1. 'The Codmother' in Fishermans' Wharf...

    Her fish tacos are decent too... :)

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        Even though we're in the North Bay, he's always willing to drive for good fish and chips - sort of a food field trip!

      2. The F&C I saw go by at Brotzeit Lokal in Oakland, though I can vouch only for the excellent onion rings.

        1. Pyramid Alehouse in Berkeley does a nice version.

          1. Have you tried the Pelican Inn? That would be a fun field trip. I remember liking the fish, but don't think I tasted the chips.

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              Why do people mention places and then not say where its located?

              I know where the Pelican Inn is... but I'm sure there are a few Chowhounders that do not.

              Its in Muir Beach in Marin County.

            2. I agree with slew that The Codmother at the wharf fries up some beautiful cod.

              I also think that Fishetarian in Bodega Bay makes great panko-crusted fish and excellent fries.

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                My daughter brought me some great fried shrimp from Codmother but I was sad that the tartar sauce was not fresh made .. they give out those little plastic squeeze packets!

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                  I also nominate Codmother at the woff. She serves a credible "Baja" sauce that is better than the packet of tartar. Also Red's Java House serves a pretty good Cod f+c, but the atmosphere (I coulda been somebody Chahley...) makes it perfect. Ask for the fries well done.

              2. Crispy Fry in Emeryville Market does a decent job.

                In/around Half Moon Bay there's three place: Barbara's Fishtrap, Flying Fish Grill and Fish 'n Frites.

                1. So today my husband decided to try Pier 15 by the Canal in San Rafael. He got the fish and chips, of course, and I got the special of cod tacos. He loved their F and C - fresh cod with a thin crust of batter rather than thick and puffy. My cod tacos were excellent - lightly breaded fish chopped coarsely and mixed with some shredded cabbage and crema on three small corn tortillas. It was very light which is what I like.

                  Thank you for all of your recommendations. (It's ironic that we live about 10 minutes from the Pelican and haven't been there for years!) We'll be working our way through them over the coming months.
                  By the way, I wasn't familiar with Fish & Frites so I looked it up. The Yelp reviews range from really terrible to raves - always makes me wonder. Has anyone here tried it?

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                    Yup, loved it... can't fathom why anyone wouldn't like it unless it was on the basis of price (or they don't like fish and chips).