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Jun 26, 2014 12:33 PM

Favorite Fish and Chips for F and C Friday?

Where are your favorite fish and chips served? My husband is always looking for new ones. Fish in Sausalito is one of his favorites, so we've got that one covered.

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  1. 'The Codmother' in Fishermans' Wharf...

    Her fish tacos are decent too... :)

      1. re: Mission

        Even though we're in the North Bay, he's always willing to drive for good fish and chips - sort of a food field trip!

      2. The F&C I saw go by at Brotzeit Lokal in Oakland, though I can vouch only for the excellent onion rings.

        1. Pyramid Alehouse in Berkeley does a nice version.

          1. Have you tried the Pelican Inn? That would be a fun field trip. I remember liking the fish, but don't think I tasted the chips.

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              Why do people mention places and then not say where its located?

              I know where the Pelican Inn is... but I'm sure there are a few Chowhounders that do not.

              Its in Muir Beach in Marin County.