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Delicious meal ordered in, downtown

I will be going to New York with 1 toddler this weekend.
Staying with friends in Soho/ Tribeca. I figured it would be best after a long day to order in (delivery or I guess we could do carry out as well). While babysitting would be great, I can't imagine further taking advantage of my friends' hospitality by asking them for that as well.

How can we do something delicious this way? Price is not a major concern (although for delivery I can't imagine doing more than <$100pp). We eat everything, although premium on stuff we can't get particular great versions of where I live (Italian, baked goods, Japanese, thai, etc.)
We'll have a kitchen to heat and store and plates to serve.

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  1. Check out www.menupages.com (search by neighborhood, cuisine, price) and www.seamless.com

    Also GrubHub.

    Caveat, I only use Seamless.

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      We used Seamless a couple of times when in NYC earlier in the year. I was quite impressed.

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        Didn't Seamless buy Grubhub or vice-versa? I think they're identical aside from the front-end now. (But that said, the Seamless front-end is much better...)

      2. Are you familiar with www.seamless.com?

        Check it out, see who delivers to your friend's address and then perhaps run those of interest to you by this board for opinions.

        1. I've done delivery from China Blue and their food travels well and is delicious.

          1. I order from Seamless.com and Delivery.com a lot. Delivery has fewer options, but it allows you to pay in cash. There's another service that's significantly more expensive due to service charges, etc., but it also has the fancier restaurants, if you wanted to go that route:


            1. If you could tell us the intersection/street it will help too, most places have a limited delivery area.
              Fyi most neighborhood wine shops also deliver

              1. Thanks for the tips. We will be on the far west side by the holland tunnel (canal and hudson) if that helps. I hadn't heard of trycaviar. Some interesting options but no clear winner

                We could do carry out since there are two parents and one could stay with our kid if that helps things. I tried to check out seamless but for some reason it would only show me restaurants open that moment. Since it was 2 pm that rather limited things. Maybe I will try again now.

                I am great with just delicious food - my suggestions above are just ideas because I know, well there are many choices. One pickiness is that I am an ethnic food snob. No Asian fusion, etc. I'd rather be in flushing or Jackson heights. But given that such places are unlikely to deliver probably Italian, new American, etc are great choices. Thanks again!

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                  Is that nabe considered the UWS?

                  And, as an occasional visitor, we find no dearth of good "ethnic" (if that's what you call it) food. We stay on the Upper, Upper West Side (CPW and 101st) and have terrific Asian and other cuisines.

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                    By the Holland Tunnel (Canal and Hudson) would be on the edge of TriBeCa and what some are now calling Hudson Square (area west of Soho, west of 6th Ave). OP said they're on Canal St.

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                      I just realized that OP didn't write UWS but rather far west. My mistake. Sorry.

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                      That's Tribeca, which is pretty far from the Upper West Side.

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                      < I tried to check out seamless but for some reason it would only show me restaurants open that moment.>

                      Scroll down. There's an option to show the unavailable restaurants way at the bottom of the page, looks like this:

                      "XXX more restaurants are within your area but not available during your selected time. Click here to see them."

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                        Kind of an awkward area for delivery...
                        -Landmarc is solid for new american-ish and will deliver to you
                        -Nish nush is great for middle eastern
                        -Bubby's and Kitchenette are similar, I give Kitchenette a slight edge- homey kind of comfort food,but Bubby's has great pie if that's important.
                        Takahachi is great for sushi

                      2. I believe that Second Ave Deli still delivers anywhere in Manhattan for a small fee.

                        Sarge's does something similar, not sure about the fee.

                        1. Taim Falafel - they should deliver to you and it's so good