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Jun 26, 2014 08:35 AM

Is Jarro Cafe closed?

Anybody know what's up at Jarro? Not a car in the parking lot at noon on Tuesday and nobody is answering the phone today. I know consistency had slipped a bit in the last couple of years, but it was still a good little place. The quirky playlist alone made it worth the trip.

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  1. Dang, drove by an hour ago and didn't look. I'll drive by this weekend and let you know.

    1. As promised I drove by today at 12:30 pm and not a soul or sign explaining anything. Closed on a Saturday afternoon, not a good sign, I'll check it out on occasion looking for signs of life.

      1. My husband and I saw the owners the day of the closing and they explained that the building was in very bad conditions and needed tons of repairs they could not function like that anymore. But the trailer is still working of Memorial. There was a sign letting people know but maybe someone took it down.

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          Sorry to hear this. Any recommendations for other taquerias worth trying?

          1. re: NoPunyNerd

            There's a carniceria just east of Wirt on Long Point called Pancho's Meat Market. It's a bit rough on the outside and inside, but the lines of people tell the story of good food. Expect a 5-15 minute wait, go on weekend mornings when the food is freshest, and elbow your way into a table, but be prepared to eat elsewhere. It helps to be able to communicate in Spanish as I'm usually the only Anglo in the place unless the Wifecita is there an then she does the talking, while I stake out and sometimes bus a table. We like the carnitas and asado de Puerco, ask for red sauce, and order a few fresh flour tortillas, which you pay for.