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Jun 26, 2014 07:45 AM

Lunch in Providence?

Driving to Hyannis tomorrow and want to stop at cool seafood dive or nice farm-to-table lunch spot in or near Providence. Any ideas - thanks!

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  1. What does your route look like? PVD isn't really the place for seafood dives, but there are plenty of places in the towns outside the city--it all depends on which direction your coming from.

    Farm-to-table in PVD offers a whole bunch of good lunch options. Off the top of my head, I'd consider Nick's on Broadway, the Grange (Broadway), Tallulah's Taqueria on Ives Street, Local 121 (Washington Street Downtown), Olga's Cup and Saucer (Point street). To my knowledge, all of these places serve a good lunch and are mindful about sourcing ingredients locally. Rogue Island downtown specializes in hyper-local cuisine as well, but they're relatively new and still working out food and service kinks, so I'm not sure it's a sure bet recommendation. Olga's and Tallulah's Taqueria are on the more quick/casual end. Nick's, Grange, and Local 121 more sit-down type places.

    1. Hortons at 809 Broadway in East Providence might be of interest for a clam shack (Wed-Sat) - not too far off I-195 (about a mile north on Broadway at exit 6). Mostly fried, but some baked.

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        Horton's is good and conveniently located, but be advised, it's not on the water (or even near it, really.)