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lunch in Raleigh 3 days next week

Any good suggestions for lunch near the Crab Tree Mall area?
My 6 year old and I are traveling with hubby next week to Raleigh, she and I will be on our own for lunch. We like anything Asian, Indian, Mexican etc.

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  1. How far are you willing to drive fore lunch?

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      Yeah, first thing that popped into my mind was Coquette which isn't a far drive. And isn't there a McCormick and Schmick (sp?) at Crabtree? (I know, i know, some on here are very anti-chain, but I've had some good meals at this particular chain.) Of course none of these are Asian, Indian or Mexican ...

    2. Sawasdee Thai is not far from Crabtree and neither is Bella Monica or Waraji or Gonza's Tacos. But yeah how far do you wanna drive? Could do Neomonde too for that matter.

      1. Thank you all for the suggestions, I will drive 15 to 20 min.
        I will definitely look into these suggestions.

        1. You are definitely 15 minutes from everything in Raleigh.

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            15 to 20 min opens you up to a number of places.

            For sushi there is Waraji's but Haru is better

            Chinese - Grand Asia Market has an authentic cafeteria, http://www.grandasiamarket.com/
            Captain J's has good authentic food including XLB (soup dumplings). When you get there you need to let them know you want the real stuff and not the buffet, or the Calabash Sea Food. The place has many personalities. https://www.facebook.com/captainjrale...

            For Korean there is Soul Garden http://raleighseoulgarden.com/

            Also next door to Soul Garden is Wangs, they have good authentic Chinese. The owner insists on cooking all of the authentic food, so don't be surprised if you have a wait.

            Finally there is Mami Nora's Peruvian chicken http://maminoras.com/

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              Downtown is 15 or 20 minutes away from Crabtree as well.

            2. Thank's again for all the suggestions and websites. so far I've been able to look up Coquette, Bella Monica, and Gonza's Tacos. Hubby has eaten at McCormick and Schmick and said it was good. Little one and I will be doing lunch at Coquette, all ready know I'm ordering the truffle fries and seafood crepes. Most likely doing diner at Gonza's one night and Bella Monica's another. Lunch the next 2 days will be the sushi and probably Wang's.

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                  When you read the reviews for Haru you need to know that the Haru in RTP is different ownership from the one in Raleigh. Most of the negative reviews were for the RTP location that were misplaced on the Raleigh locations page.

                  And like Haru there are a number of Wangs in the area, they are not the same and only the one next to Soul Garden is good.

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                    I would recommend making reservations at Bella Monica, as they are not large, and tend to be busy pretty much all of the time. Food is worth it!

                  2. If you find yourself downtown (Marbles and the Natural History Museum would be perfect for a 6 yo) Boku is quite nice for lunch. Dined there with a 7 year old last year and she really enjoyed it.

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                      Great recommendation. The menu is fun - lots of small plates with (I hope I have this right) sort of an Asian inspiration. Most of what I tried I liked very much.

                      eta: here is a link to their site: http://bukuraleigh.com/buku/menus/

                    2. Thank's:) will let you know how yummy everything was when we get back.
                      Absolutely going to museum.

                      1. Thanks for the heads up ksbee

                        1. Great suggestions, a few others: Relish on creedmoor road is pretty good (leans more American) and just near the hotels around the mall. If you need a coffee bar or light breakfast nearby Sola is a good spot. The restaurants at marbles and museum of natural science are both good options and better then you might expect. You mention Coquette--- a great choice-- north hills has a lot of events for kids during the week (some might be a little young for your daughter) but worth looking into if you want it to coincide with your visit.

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                            Speaking of kids and the events at North Hills, I seem to remember a cooking school for kids there. A little far for us to go, but it sounded like it would be a fun thing for a kid to do for a morning or afternoon and give uneed2eat a few hours of free time.

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                              My 8 year old daughter gives http://lilchefraleigh.com/ at North Hills two thumbs up. She's done several track out camps there.

                              BTW I think Coquette and Vivace are "ok" i.e. if location is important, but for what they try to do there are better options if you can drive 30-45 minutes.

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                                I have to let you in on my evil secret. Before Lulu was in school full-time I would sometimes need a "mom's night" away. I usually went to North Hills and would take a good book, eat at Coquette (a 3 minute walk away from the hotel), then back to the room with a bottle of wine and an in-room movie. Great way for a stay at home mother to relax, and trust me, Coquette was plenty good enough for those nights, but I get what you're saying.

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                              Skip Relish - really not worth your time unless you absolutely have to have many variations on mac and cheese. Sola is great for coffee and maybe donuts and a pleasant break but don't plan on a meal there. Likewise, not worth the time and cost.