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Jun 26, 2014 07:21 AM

need quick cedarhurst recom for dairy tablecloth rest for girlfriends b-day dinner tonight

We are doing a last minute birthday dinner tonight and we want to eat well in Cedarhurst/Woodmere. Dairy only please. Not a pizza place. Help! Shamash didn't give me any leads.

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      1. I have'nt been yet, but look into Fish Plate

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        1. re: DanksGd

          Fish Plate is tasty but really like fast food. Not a place for a bday.

          1. Went to Upper Crust. Salads were large and tasty ($14), fish was okay (too much butter). Service was somewhat nonexistent, polite, but nonexistent. It was busy. At times, there was a long line to be seated. They sang Happy Birthday to my friend so that was nice. Probably wouldn't go back. It's funny that they can't get a good dairy rest in Cedarhurst. Thank you all for the recommendations. Next girlfriends' birthday night out is in July. I'll be posting again as we are all turning 45 and have decided to celebrate each one with a good dinner. I'll let you know when the good dinner happens. :)

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              When I moved to the 5 towns they had a place called Dairy Review. I too wish for a traditional dairy that is not heavy on pizza, pasta and fish. In Flatbush I like to go to a place called Garden Of Eat In. Nice breakfast specials, lots of traditional dishes.


              1. re: MartyB

                You and I think alike, MartyB. I loved Dairy Review even when it was called Delicious Dairy back in the '80's. And, for the same reasons, I like Garden of Eat in but I would rather jump off the Sheepshead Bay marina then drive to Flatbush for any reason any time soon. Oh well.

                1. re: cappucino

                  Ahh, memories. Grew up eating at Dairy Delicious. Miss their vegetable soup, broiled red snapper with honey mustard sauce, and vegetarian liver crepes. But most of all I miss Abie staring you down from behind his book when you go to the salad bar to make sure you weren't stacking the plate too high.

                  Loved that place.

                  1. re: shaytmg

                    Oh my gosh. So true. A few years ago, I called Abie and asked him for the potato pirogen recipe. He said, "No." I told him that if he wasn't planning to open up another restaurant, then he owes me the recipe. Nothing doing. The milkshakes were great. The brook trout. And the waitress that reminded me of Linda Lavin from Mel's diner. Anyway...