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Jun 26, 2014 06:56 AM

Boston 4th

Any suggestions for lunch/dinner for the 3rd and 4th on the long wharf at Boston Harbor. We will be walking - since most of the streets are closed.

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  1. The street that are closed on July 4th are in the Back Bay along the river not on the harbor. Here's the city's traffic advisory for the day.


    For the best selection of places to dine tell us where are you coming from and where are you going?


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      We are staying at the Hyatt Hotel from July 3 - July 5. At this point, we don't have any definite plans other than attending the Fireworks.

      1. re: lmdack

        Hyatt airport ??
        Hyatt Cambridge on the river???
        Hyatt downtown???

        We have three of them.

      2. re: BostonZest

        Sorry - Hyatt Cambridge on the river.........

        1. re: lmdack

          That Hyatt has one of the best views of the fireworks. It will be a real treat if your room overlooks the river, but whatever, you'll have great views right outside the door.

          What is your particular interest in Long Wharf? Are you looking for a certain type of food there or is it the location you are more interested in?

          Long Wharf is a hefty walk from your hotel.

          1. re: mvi

            We booked our reservations last year - and we have been "promised" a room with a view of the fireworks - let's hope that is true.
            I have never been to Long Wharf and we are bringing our Son and his girlfriend ( who live in Manhattan). I thought someplace with great food along the harbor would be fun. But, if you have any suggestions - I am open to/for anything - and so, I am sure will they be. My Son loves seafood - but, he also loves a good BBQ.

            1. re: lmdack

              Sam's along the waterfront near the ICA has a nice view of Boston and good seafood. There is a nice walkway along the harbor that would be a nice way to spend the day. Most people will be jockeying for a place along the esplanade during the day and since you will have a good view from your hotel you can enjoy the harbor for lunch and make it back for the fireworks.
              For something fun and totally casual you could take a water taxi from Long Wharf over to KO Pies across the harbor in East Boston for an Austrailian lunch and beers at the outdoor picnic tables. The water taxi is a nice way to see the harbor and KO pies has some tasty Aussie food.

              1. re: lmdack

                May I suggest that you throw out your idea of dining on the waterfront? It is not an attractive waterfront and the dining tends to be average and/or overpriced at best.

                That said, the third floor of Legal HarborSide is a great place to dine outside, have some fish and some drinks - and it IS fun!

                You might consider a table at Dante in Cambridge, which has a great view of the Charles and Beacon Hill.

                1. re: Bob Dobalina

                  If I may adumbrate: the view *from* Boston's downtown waterfront is not particularly interesting: it's of the working harbor (especially Logan Airport). The view from *other* parts of the harbor that look back at the downtown waterfront are more interesting. (And a trip to the archipelago of the Harbor Islands can be lovely.)

            2. re: lmdack

              For context on the off chance you are not familiar with the placement of things: the Hyatt in Cambridge is at the western end of the MIT campus, on the north shore of the western half of the Charles River Basin. The fireworks are based on barges set in the middle of the Charles River in the eastern half of the Charles River Basin (the Pops concert occurs at the Hatch Shell at the eastern end of the Esplanade on the south shore of the Charles River Basin, but revellers line the way along the Basin, and fireworks watchers rim the whole basin - the elevated Boston University Bridge at the western end of the basin has fabulous views, too)

              In any event, Boston's Long Wharf is on Boston Harbor, with the downtown of Boston between it and the fireworks on the 4th. The North End of Boston (our "Litty Italy") is just to the north of Long Wharf, and Quincy Marketplace is just to the west of it. There are many dining options, but you'd need to provide more desiderata to get more detailed responses. As Bette Davis put it in "Now Voyager": " . . . because the world is a very small place but Boston is very large."

              I hope you enjoy your visit.

          2. Since you mentioned bbq, which is not a strong point in boston, I would be remiss in not mentioning our favorite - Formaggio's Kitchen in Cambridge. They do it seasonally on Saturdays, and will be serving bbq on Saturday the 5th.


            I am partial to the pulled lamb, my husband, the pulled pork. We both love the sweet/rich/savory beans. And the shop itself has anything and everything you might need for a picnic on the charles. Did I mention the strawberry basil lemonade?

            1. It's not barbecue, but much closer to your hotel than the seaport - and better the most anything you could get at the seaport - is Hungry Mother, a southern cooking-inspired place in Kendall Square. There are no views (there are barely windows), but it's a fantastic restaurant, and one of the few Boston places that struck me, when I moved up from Brooklyn three years ago, as something that I couldn't get in New York. And they've got open space on the 3rd and 4th.