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Jun 26, 2014 06:05 AM

New Annual Thai Food Festival-Thai Temple-Sterling Heights (not MBMC-Warren)

This Sunday
June 29, 2014
Thai Food Festival
8500 Plumbrook Rd



"Taste of Thailand Food Festival — Organizers plan to make the festival an annual event."
"One thing that sets the event apart, organizers say, is that every restaurant will prepare a different dish and all will be regional Thai specialties, so visitors will be able to taste Thai foods they’ve probably never had before. The dishes will include appetizers, entrees and rarely seen Thai desserts."

I can't go but if anyone does attend please post & let us know how it is vs. Sunday Mkt @ MBMC

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  1. There's another post on this, with a nice, informative article here--


    I do plan to go, and I often go to Sunday Market @MBMC.

    For any others such as myself who can't get enough of the more atypical (relative to metro Detroit restaurants) Thai food, there's a second opportunity on Sunday. Chef Brad Greenhill, formerly of Carmen in Boston's North End, has been doing catering and pop-ups around Ann Arbor (as Righteous Rojo) for a while now. He's got a Thai food truck in the works to debut hopefully later this summer. But this Sunday evening he's doing food for Motor City Wine's (Corktown) weekly Sundaylicious event.

    Here's the event listing for Sunday and a link to an article about his intermittently-mobile Thai cuisine project. The menu he'll have available at Motor City Wine is copied below.



    SOM TAM (v option) 7
    (pounded green papaya salad


    (blistered corn + grilled leek + green curry)

    KHAO SOI (v option) 11
    (chiang mia curried noodles + drumstick)
    v: mushroom + tofu

    (pork skewers + peanut sauce + spicy cucumber)

    AI TIIM (v) 6
    (iced coconut cream sundae + sweet sticky rice)

    (v = vegan)

    1. We attended. It was very well attended.

      We arrived at 2pm. By 2:30pm, a few stations were running out of food.

      There were a few things I have not seen before. Brought home two servings of meat, meatball and noodle soup.

      A restaurant from Flint(?) was offering only desserts and getting very little traffic.