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Grilling ideas needed

Looking for vegetarian main dish, cook out ideas. No mushroom or eggplant, please. I've made grilled onion.zucchini.red pepper sandwiches in the past but am looking for something new. What am I missing?

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  1. Grilled pizza/flatbread?

    Veggie burgers

    If dairy is ok, grilled haloumi or paneer tikka is awesome.

    I also really love the Field Roast frankfurters. They are made with wheat gluten, not processed soy.

    1. Bruschetta options are endless! Toppings can run from savory to sweet and are easy to translate into an entree with larger slices of bread.

      As another poster noted flatbread pizza. The toppings like bruschetta are endless. A combination of kale, roasted squash and goat cheese is very good.

      Entree salads are fun too. You could do Ina's roasted veggie and orzo one. Really good and you could add tofu and/or different cheeses to up the protein.

      1. I should mention I'm trying to get away from standard burger/hot dog fare. Gardein burgers are great and all, but so boring. I very much like the flatbread pizza idea.

        1. Grilled pizza or flatbread is delicious! You can grill some of the veggies before adding them as toppings.

          Grilled veggies to stuff quesadillas or tacos are great too. Zucchini, peppers, corn, onions would be good for this. You can also use the grill to char the tortillas, or make the quesadillas.

          Love the suggestion to grill veggies before adding them to pasta or orzo. I always grill extra veggies to add to pasta the next day, or to make a cold pasta salad.

          Grilled corn is perfect on its own!

          Grilled tomato halves are delicious eaten with bread and some fresh basil, maybe some balsamic reduction and cheese. Makes a beautiful presentation too.

          Stuffed zucchini or peppers can be done on the grill, just pre cook your fillings (beans, quinoa, rice, veggies, sauce, etc.).

          You could try an Asian-inspired grilled meal with grilled marinated tofu, zucchini, onions, etc. like you'd get at Benihana? Grilled cabbage might work here too.

          Grilled romaine and other lettuces make a beautiful nontraditional Caesar salad.

          Grilled fruits are great for summer--try pineapple slices or peach halves.

          I looooove grilled garlic bread. My mother used to take a whole loaf or baguette, slice in half lengthwise, spread each with butter/margarine/olive oil (whatever you prefer) and lots of minced garlic (or you can just rub with a garlic clove) and then grill until toasty and golden brown. Also good with fresh minced parsley or grated sharp cheese on top.

          1. Corn on the cob. Balls of fresh Mozzarella. Grilling veggies (sweet peppers, tomatoes, eggplant) filled with feta cheese. Grilled cheese sandwiches. and Grilled pineapple for dessert.

            1. Marinated (drained, pressed) firm tofu works great in veggie kabobs. just keep your chunks large and don't flip more than once

              1. Grilled tofu is amazing! Be sure to buy extra firm and press it well. This recipe is a simple marinade, i would cut the maple syrup back to 1/4c.

                Grilled tempeh is wonderful! Just slice horizontally so you grill two long 1/2" or so thick planks. Also great brushed with a marinade first or even afterwards. Use as a salad topper, sandwich filling, etc...

                Grilled scallions with romesco sauce for dipping are very flavorful for a side.

                If you start sweet potatoes in the microwave until almost cooked through and then finish on the grill, then open and stuff with chopped grilled veggies, cheese (vegan), and/or a veg chili or baked beans.

                Grilled veg quesadillas are amazing- fill with veg refried beans, cheese, grilled veggies.....

                1. Grilled halloumi (or provolone) cheese and red pepper sandwiches (sort of like Argentinian Provoleta). Oops, just notice jennymoon had the same idea.

                  1. Not an entree, but I've discovered baby bok choy is really good grilled. It could be nice over rice, drizzled with soy and/or sesame oil.

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                      Broccolini is also enhanced by grilling (toss with olive oil and red pepper flakes beforehand). Asparagus as well (salt, pepper, olive oil before - and grated parmesan afterwards).

                    2. Tempeh is great marinated and grilled.

                      1. How many are you cooking for?

                        I like to do vegetarian Carribean fajitas for parties under 8 persons, which means sauteing a bunch of slice onions on the stovetop in a skillet until lightly carmelized.

                        Pull and cool.

                        I lightly microwave sweet potatoes until al dente, then slice in half.

                        On the grill I finish cooking the potato halves as well as grill and lightly blacken fresh cut pineapple rings.

                        When both are cooked, pull and cut up into medium to large dices.

                        I just then toss a large skillet or a sided saucier pan on the grill grates on hot and toss back in the three ingredients in a little olive oil and cook a little more with a spoonfull or two (or as necessary) of Walkerwood Caribbean jerk sauce and some lime juice.



                        Scallions, scotch bonnet peppers, salt, black pepper, all spice, nutmeg, citric acid, cane sugar, thyme leaves


                        I serve with warm flour tortilas for tacos and garnish with cilantro, sourcream and a homemade salsa of onions, tomatoes, jalepenos, lime juice and salt in the food processer a few pulses..

                        Sweet from the pineapple and sweet potatoes, along with sweet, spices and heat from the Walkerswood sauce..

                        Sour cream for the cooling effect.

                        Never had a complaiant yet except I do make them with added jerk chicken for the carnivores. I;ve added blackend red or yellow pepper strips to use up at times as well.

                        Just a thought.

                        1. Grilled lime buttered corn with a little Mexican cotija cheese.

                          Grilled Tamales - http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/foo...

                          Grilled Haloumi