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Jun 26, 2014 03:48 AM

Need a restaurant for Monday, June 30

On Monday, June 30, if all goes well, I will finish a 15 month project. DH and I will go out to eat and I plan to have TWO (not just one :0) drinks. Can you suggest a resto or two? My criteria:
** in city of Mpls downtown or warehouse district/loop, but not too close to the Twins game (they play at 7:10 pm)
**excellent drinks
**I'll be in a non-cutting edge, non-trendy food mood and more in a delicious, comfort food mood. Steak would work, but other foods could work too.
**Prices should not be too high.
**I like almost everything (except not Sushi)
**the 123 Eatery menu looked good, but it looks like they only serve wine

Thanks for any and all suggestions you have.

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    1. Haute Dish, Borough, Smack Shack, and Bar La Grassa all fit your requirements. Smack Shack's lobster mac and cheese is comfort food at its best. BLG is great because you can spend as little or as much as you want, and always walk out with an excellent meal.

      For something a bit different, Zen Box Izakaya is delicious, and ramen can definitely be considered "comfort food".

      1. La Belle Vie lounge (I count the lamb burgers as comfort food, and they have delicious fries and potato chips). Or Parlour, for their fantastic burger and really good drinks. Not sure if that counts as too close to Twins or not.

        1. I'd suggest Lurcat or Vincent. 112 will be too close to Target Field for your taste (as will most of the North Loop).

          1. You might consider Zentral. The cocktails are superb -- a very creative list. The roast chicken for two is comfort food on steriods. An entire chicken is roasted with a mixture of foie gras and ground brioche (breadcrums) stuffed under the skin. It comes with a side of Kasha Varnishkas, veggies, and a small salad. It is not inexpensive ($52), but it is a TON of food that easily feeds two adults. And the depth of flavor is sensational.

            Red Stag is also a fine choice.

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              Thanks very much for these suggestions, everyone. I appreciate it.