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Jun 26, 2014 12:45 AM

Tennis player or cheese?

It should be easy to tell what is a cheese and what is a tennis player?
Not as easy as I thought. Only managed 62% on this quiz. Discovered some new cheeses though (and tennis players I'd never heard of)

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  1. Thanks for that, got 65% but many, ok most, were guesses.

    1. Ha,ha I got 46% . I mean, who would name their children some of those names? ha!

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      1. re: genoO

        Good work! That's less than the 50:50 odds of pure guessing.

        1. 88 percent. Some I knew. Some were educated guesses. Some were strategic guesses (if it looked to obviously like a name, i.e. "Gabriel" I guessed it was a cheese). Should have trusted my first instinct on the other three.

          1. 73% by almost all guesswork. I only knew of about four of the cheeses and none of the tennis players. Thanks for sharing.