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Jun 25, 2014 07:03 PM


The Wife and I are going to Wimberly this week end. Any recommendation s for that area? As a bonus are any dog friendly, but not necessary.

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  1. I didn't actually eat in Wimberley last time but if you are going from Austin, I like Pieous pizza on the way (IMO best pizza in Central TX) and also Trattoria Lisina in Driftwood is good.

    As to dog friendly, I believe Inoz is fairly pet friendly and they backup to the very pretty Blue Hole.

    1. The leaning pear is a solid choice - recently relocated from a tiny little bungalow to a nice new venue closer to cypress creek. We went once before they moved, and really enjoyed our lunch of sandwiches, soup, and deserts. can't recall what we had, it was a couple years ago. a lot of the other restaurants around there just suck.!menu/c1ltm

      1. If you do go to Pieous, do not miss the excellent pastrami.