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Jun 25, 2014 05:22 PM

Where can I BBQ at the beach in Boston??

We are planning BBQ at the beach but idk where is the best place.I head fixed BBQ is easily. But we have more than 100 ppl. I am not sure that is available or not. We are international students we do not have enough information of it. so if you have any information,plz let us know.

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  1. "I head fixed BBQ is easily. "

    no idea what that means?

    100 ppl is a lot. you may want to start by calling the park service about the boston harbor islands.

    1. Does it have to be at the beach? You might have more options if you are willing to use a park with a lakefront area.

      Few questions:

      1) Is it BBQ or grilling? Like are you doing pulled pork or burgers and dogs? That might impact how long you need the site...

      2) Do you have your own equipment - some parks have small grilling areas, but for 100 people, that's a lot of cooktop space needed..

      As for ideas, I'll throw one out there - one of the Boston Harbor Islands (like Georges). You can bring your own grills, and they do have some small ones available as well. You'll have to pay ferry tickets for all, but with 100 ppl, you may get a discount.

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      1. re: grant.cook

        You can bring grills to Castle Island as well, no ferry tickets needed. I've seen some large groups there but not sure about 100. As others have mentioned, call the park service to ask.

        1. re: Chicken with a Capon

          I can use propane, charcoal and fire at Castle Island? Who knew!

          1. re: Bellachefa

            There is even a bin there to dispose of hot coals safely. Close to the playground area, so maybe that's the only area that it's allowed.

        2. I think an ocean beach will be tricky to find. There may be some where you could do it with a small group, but not 100.

          Spectacle Island has catered clambakes on Thursdays. You could also call clambake caterers to see if they are permitted to use any local beaches for clambakes.

          I think there are public grills along the Charles near the kayak rental place in Brighton, on Soldiers Field Road. You can look at the Mass. State Parks and Beaches website for lakes where you can BBQ.

          1. I think your biggest issue is the 100 people. Years ago my coworker couldn't find any public space that would allow 75 people gather without a permit. She was trying to have her rehearsal dinner BBQ/dinner on the beach.

            Do you have a international coordinator at your school? Many do and they can help you with logistics.

            1. Larz Anderson Park in Brookline has large covered areas with multiple grills and picnic tables that you can rent for the half day or day. This is clearly not on the beach, but could be an alternative if you can't find a beach location. There is a pond there with beautiful scenery as well.

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              1. re: krisa20

                100 people might be tough at Larz Anderson

                1. re: C. Hamster

                  The Town advertises that the shelter holds 85, so they could rent that plus another grill close by and be fine. I know people that have had parties for 75.