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Jun 25, 2014 04:50 PM

Country Ham in Philly?

Is there a Pennsylvania or Philadelphia ham comparable to a cured Virginia country ham?

I want to make ham biscuits to serve a crowd, and need to find a good resource for the ham.

Every ham I have tried up here is "honey baked" or has some other sweetness that is unacceptable for my taste.

I am willing to try something new, as long as it is not sweet. I know I can order a VA ham on the internet, but I would prefer to go locally and eyeball the ham & purchase the exact one I like.

I will appreciate any recommendations! Thank you.

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  1. I'd try Reading Terminal Market... maybe?? Or the Italian market might have something similar?

    1. Hi, it's me again. Check out either Halterman's or Smucker's in the Reading Terminal Market - I know they had some really nice country hams around Christmas, but I haven't been back there since then. Good luck!

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      1. re: kgg123

        kgg123, you know why I am looking for country ham!!! :-)

        You mentioned the wedding reception on the front porch, ham biscuits, fruit salad . . . so southern.

        I grew up in the Shenandoah Valley, and anytime there was a wedding, funeral, church picnic, any time people gathered . . . country ham biscuits were front and center.

        Thanks for reminding me about Reading Terminal Market. I'll check those vendors.

        1. re: VosFan

          Check out Fair Food Farms - this time of year they might have to order one for you but it would only take a couple of days

      2. Cappuccio's meats on S. 9th street (Italian Market) carries country ham from Virginia. I've seen it hanging in their window in the fall, not sure if they have it year-round but I think they do. They're wrapped in butcher paper and cloth sacks, so if you want to examine one I guess you'll have to ask to have it opened.

        1. Not sure what kind of markets the Philly Chinatown area has, but try there...any Chinese grocery I've ever been to almost always has had Smithfield Hams, both whole and in slices..