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Jun 25, 2014 04:46 PM

Gluten free thai/vietnamese?

I'm going for dinner with two friends, one of whom is extremely picky and has requested thai ( preferably) or Vietnamese food, and the other who can't eat gluten. Does anyone know of any restaurants that could accommodate both? The restaurant doesn't have to be entirely gluten free but hopefully offer at least a gluten free dish or two my friend could order. Thanks in advance!

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  1. Most of the Vietnamese restaurants in Montreal specialize in pho, which uses rice noodles that are naturally gluten-free. A favourite is Pho Tay Ho, at 6414 Saint-Denis. Their pho is wonderful, as are their bun cha and mixed grill plates.

    1. Does Thai cuisine have "gluten ingredients" ? (seriously curious as I never thought about it)

      I would assume that most dishes would use rice and/or rice noodles and use non wheat ingredients.

      (Am I not recomending Thai Express)
      A quick google show PDF with thai express gluten free dishes; so it must be available in other better thai restaurants.

      I would assume that Vietnamese is also pretty much the same (rice, veggies and noodles)

      The only thing that might not be gluten free is fish sauce or say sauce (?)

      In anycase, call ahead whatever your restaurant pick to check for your restrictions

      1. While you're correct about the rice noodles etc. many brands of soy sauce do indeed contain gluten, and many thai restaurants also use flour as a thickener in their sauces ( I wouldn't know this other than having been out with this particular friend many times in the past and painstakingly going through menu ingredients with the wait and kitchen staff....)

        1. My favorite Thai place in town is Phayathai, downtown on Guy. You could try calling them up and asking about gluten, their menu is really extensive, my favorite dish being the beef green curry, it doesn't seem to have gluten in it.

          1. Yeah, pretty much any Thai /Viet resto is going have plenty of gluten-free options. Just have to watch out for soy sauce.