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accessories for the outdoor cook

looking for something fun to buy my husband for his birthday. our new house has a decent spot for outdoor cooking (no built ins, just nice flat areas) and we have a grill and a smoker. wondering what outdoor cooking accessories folks feel they can't live without - thanks in advance!

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  1. grill light, restaurant quality slotted, offset spatula and tongs, meat thermometer that wirelessly transmits temperature, wire grill brush

    1. A book about grilling/smoking (including recipes) might be good. Check out Steven Raichlen's books and some of the Weber books. Plus, you reap the benefits of the recipes he tries.

      1. A pile of wood and a rack to hold it.

        1. Fun but sort of useless? One of those laser-gun thermometers! Not really better than a $20 food thermometer, but pew! pew! You're dead at an internal temperature of 155F!

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            Do they make one that gives you the internal temperature or just the surface temperature? If so, I want one.

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              No they only give surface temperatures. Those things are useless when it comes to internal temp.

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                But still, pew! pew! You're dead, sucka!

          2. Really good quality thongs and spatulas, long ones. Two of each would not be overkill.

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              I'm not sure what cleobeach has in mind with thongs and spatulas, but it sounds fun!!
              If you want to be a little tamer:
              I recently got a Maverick remote thermometer, and love it.
              Heavy duty heat proof gloves for pulling stuff off the smoker or grill.

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                Two 19 year old Russian underwear models in thongs would improve my BBQ parties immensely

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                  But what to do with the spatulas??

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                      I guess I really do need more spatulas and thongs, then.

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                        I would have bet that this link was to the "Castle Anthrax" scene...

                2. Wood chunks http://www.fruitawoodchunks.com/

                  Thermapen (haven't dried out a piece of chicken since I've owned it) http://www.thermoworks.com/products/t...

                  Insulated gloves http://www.amazon.com/Showa-Best-Sani...

                  A table to put next to the grill/smoker for prep

                  a GREAT grill brush http://toolwizard.com/store/index.cfm...

                  I know I'd be happy with any of these (actually I told my wife what I wanted and she got me all of these at different times!

                  1. If it's a charcoal grill, lump charcoal and a charcoal chimney. I prefer Royal Oak lump, but I buy whatever is available. Home Depot usually has Royal Oak.

                    1. Thermapen
                      Thermoworks ChefAlarm
                      buckets to separate lump charcoal by size
                      nice metal skewers, I have a set of each of the 3 different sizes of the Best of Barbecue metal skewers listed on this page http://www.amazon.com/Steven-Raichlen...

                      1. A grill wok or grill basket for vegetables, and smaller pices of meat, shrimp, etc.

                        1. If it's a Weber Kettle get him the Rotisserie attachment.

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                            Or any gas grill. A rotisserie attachment is nice to have but get one made specifically for his grill, if possible.

                          2. a swimming pool? doesn't need to be big, can even just be one of those jetted 4x10 foot ones for doing tethered 'laps'... (nobody said anything about budget)