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Jun 25, 2014 02:11 PM

Kale salad exotica-Samuelsson

has anyone made this recipe.
the last ingredient is virgin coconut oil but there is no measurement given

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    1. This one?

      I'm a lot more worried that the recipe says olive oil or coconut nectar....?! What?? Olive oil= oil, coconut nectar= sweetner!
      Use the olive oil and ignore the coconut nectar note. For best results massage the oil and vinegar (recipe lists apple cider vinegar twice! Use only 2TB TOTAL) and salt really well into the kale until it reduces in volume by about half, (to make it nice and tender), then add the rest of the ingredients.

      The coconut oil is odd, i would use 1/4 cup oil total in the recipe, if you like the coconut flavor reduce olive oil to 2TB and use 2TB coconut oil. Much more and it could be overwhelming.

      Funny side note is my ex worked for marcus on his first book and complained to no end about the $!@& recipes he had to fix to make them work....

      1. Thanks for the help......
        My book group read Yes Chef and tonight I'm hosting a potluck and we're all making one of his recipes.
        I'm now thinking I should have looked at the recipe a bit closer, yikes.