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Jun 25, 2014 01:54 PM

Higher end restaurant with really good vegetarian options?

Can anyone recommend a really good, higher end restaurant with a good selection of interesting vegetarian options (no fish, though I think some dairy is ok) in Toronto.

George is one place I was looking at.. Has anyone tried there vegetarian tasting menu?

What about Canoe?

Is there anywhere else that offers more then just pasta/carby type options?

This is for a pre-wedding girls get together where the bride is vegetarian and we are looking for somewhere nice to go with good food, good drinks.

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  1. OK, I don't know if this is high-end enough for your requirements, but Glas Wine Bar in Leslieville always has a decent selection of vegetarian entrees. It even offers a vegetarian tasting menu, I think, unless that's been discontinued.

    1. We've taken a vegetarian to George and they were very pleased. The nice thing about George is that they don't make vegetarians feel like second-class citizens who have to settle with sides or incomplete dishes that have the meat component removed. Instead they offer both tasting menus and a la carte options that feature dishes that are interesting in their own right.

      I know there are some people here who have been not pleased with George, but I have yet to have a less than excellent experience there. Their non-vegetarian food is also great and we have had excellent service by the sommelier in providing wine pairings while taking into account our very limited ability to handle lots of alcohol.

      1. The grove has a vegetarian menu that's given equal billing to the standard menu. There's your winner.

        1. Woodlot has a dedicated vegetarian menu

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            A good option, but not really higher end.

            Grove has a more casual atmosphere than most high end places, but the composition of the dishes and the tasting menu format is high end.

            I think Canoe does a vegetarian menu as well if OP wants a more traditional higher end atmosphere.

          2. Yours Truly on Ossington would also do the trick.