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Jun 25, 2014 01:38 PM

G's Dynamite Sandwiches

Went because I saw I good review from Fed Man Walking and happened to be in that area of town.

Parking is tricky, as they have a sign pointing, but potted plants blocking the drive (you go in through the taco stand parking lot next door).

Tiny place with just three tables inside. I had the roast beef dip with the Shiner au jus for just under $10. They didn't have the mushroom soup he'd raved about, so I just got a salad. Salad came out and it was unremarkable, but fresh.

Sandwich came out and it actually was two full sandwiches cut in thirds and halves. Bread was warm, chewy and fresh, but just sliced bread (should have gone with the sourdough). Meat and cheese were plentiful and the pesto mayo was tasty enough. Ended up taking half of it home for tomorrow, and felt I should have stopped at 1/4 instead of 1/2.

Was it anywhere near Fricano's Deli? Nope. Was it worth a stop if you're in the area? Sure. I'd go again, but just make wiser choices. You can tell they like what they're doing.

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  1. This is a terrificly written review, tells me about outside, inside, plusses, minus, their attitude along with your opinion. Thanks!

    Got another sandwich joint you'd advocate for?

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    1. re: cpencis

      I have two places that are my tops:

      For best-best sandwich, I have to say Melvin's Deli Comfort on 53rd Street. The pastrami ruben is simply perfection. The bread is rich and crusty, the meat is house-cured and a flavor-bomb, the sauerkraut just the right kick of tart. I get mine with spicy mustard instead of thousand island. Negative - this place is a trailer in a parking lot - not great in this crazy humid heat. However, it travels very well and for about $12 is enough to feed two.

      My next favorite sandwich in Austin is at Fricano's on campus. The Jonah $8.50, an Italian club (Genoa salami, pastrami, pepperoni, mozzarella, lettuce, tomato, olives with homemade Italian dressing on sourdough) with spinich, onions, pepperocinis and tapanade. It's a great blend of savory, spicy, chewy, rich, salty, crunchy. Nice porch, actually WORKING college students and a nice patio.

      1. re: amysuehere

        I share your sentiments re:Melvin's. How would you compare them with G's? Or Noble Sandwhich?

        1. re: crippstom

          I like Noble. I think they have heart (literally and figuratively). Love the five-spice pudding and the back porch (plus there's finally something tasty in the hood). I did, however, burn myself out on them by pretty much going three times a week when they first opened.

          I put them at about the same level as G's, but lower than Melvin's and F's for food.

          Melvin's - Best sandwich, worst ambiance on a hot, humid day (but totally a "movable" sandwich, so go find a park close by)
          F's - Best all around, best bang for the buck, nice shaded patio, fairly close to home
          Noble - Solid sandwich, great ambiance (patio), close to home, crazy-good pudding, people who care about what they serve
          G's - Solid sandwich, okay outdoors (when do-able), committed, caring staff, most food for the money.

        2. re: amysuehere

          You know, thinking this over, I came to a different conclusion.

          I think FMW was loving the simplicity of a perfect chicken salad sandwich, and then I remembered...

          I would never recommend Upper Crust for their sandwiches, per se. However, there is nothing I crave more on a hot summer day than their 1/2 tuna fish salad on sourdough with red onions, tomato, sprouts and swiss. Their tuna salad is very light with little mayo and mixed with I don't know, but, darn - it sure is wonderful on that chewy tart sourdough; and 1/2 is under $4 and more than enough for lunch.

          I've tried to make it at home and can't (do they blend the bits of pickle, etc. so you can't visually identify what goes into it? But, again, for under $4, let them keep the mystery and me coming back again and again.

          P.S. - their turkey flaky turnover is pretty great, too.

      2. Never even heard of this place. Sutter's site sucks at being able to see newly added content. He seems content at being where people find good BBQ.

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        1. re: Rptrane

          I wish he'd do an updated road trip must. Have a new, fast car and am looking for a fun road trip.

          Granted, we no longer need to look beyond city limits for crazy-good bbq (with sides, tyvm - crackers are NOT a side dish).

          1. re: amysuehere

            okay Amysuehere, gotta know, what new fast car will be taking you and hubbers to a distant bite to eat? we too just ordered one, a little german number with a real clutch, as we like it. can't snag it till like October for pete's sake. If you haven't been, take yours to the dhalia cafe in liberty hill (closed sunday) some saturday for brunch / lunch and snag a bite of their chicken fried anything with jalapeno gravy and corn bread and fried okra. worth the drive and calories.

            Just recently had the pork confit at Melvin's - after probably a good cardiovascularly devastating 50 corned beef or pastrami sammies so far. not better, but awesome nonetheless. just simply the best sandwiches offered in town, but I agree - they need to get that action going in a building with air conditioning. I can't take the friggin' meat and heat combo very well. we just take them back to UT to work with us. but at work picnics just aren't as fun.

            1. re: slowcoooked

              This will sound odd to everyone that doesn't know us, but we were all set to go out and get the Porche and ended up trading in our Mazda MX for a 2015 Subaru WRS, blue, ALWAYS three pedals and a stick! Hubs is going to a meeting in Corpus today, so he gets to open it up.

              Dhalia Cafe. Sounds like we have a plan for Saturday. We were going to do a Lockhart run (haven't done it since Austin improved so much), but our friends (we have back seats the first time in forever) won't be able to go until after noon. This is a perfect suggestion, slowcooked! Again, thanks.

              I haven't tried the confit yet. I've tried the Italian (humongous!!) and the roast beef. Great, but not as fantastic as the Ruben.

              1. re: amysuehere

                You could combine Dahlia Cafe with a drive on Cow Creek Rd, which passes through the Balcones Canyons National Wildlife Refuge in the middle of the triangle between Liberty Hill, Burnet and Marble Falls. It's a really nice drive that follows and crosses the creek, which should be full. Totally worth it.

                1. re: amysuehere

                  I just got back from the Dahlia. I had the CFS and am still full. Very nice place. Thanks Slowcooked. I didn't realize how bad I needed a small road trip.
                  I went to Lockhart a couple of months ago and what a difference with the new toll road which I didn't take. It used to be a more pastoral ride but now the 2 roads compete and Lockhart is quite the bustling little "city" these days.
                  And 1431 was rated as one of the top 10 or whatever drives in the country by I think Car and Driver magazine. It's fun in a sports car with all the turns especially near sunset. I hope I don't get moderated.

                  1. re: crippstom

                    Skweee! That comment alone has me chompin' to go to Dahlia. Thanks for the heads up crippstorm.

                    1. re: crippstom

                      Opposite of moderation, I think a GREAT local food topic would be fun drives and eats. it would certainly be more interesting to me than the once per week "what should I eat when I visit austin" threads. When I first got a Garmin several years ago for Christmas, one march during bluebonnet season we went to Blue Bell and some cafe in Brenham for lunch and sweets, and trekked back to austin in our pickup truck with a goal to only take back roads, no highways, by just going "west" with our nav. it was great fun and a beautiful little mini day adventure. lots of gravel roads, stream crossings, flowers, and longhorns and little tiny towns.

                    2. re: amysuehere

                      At Dhalia, if you like coconut deserts and enjoyed mars bars, they have a home made version in pie form that's hilariously good.

                      I have a friend with a WRS, a fantastic car and a great "blue" too. we ordered a little m235i bmw and can't pick it up till October or so. after a two decade stint with nissans, we went german in '08 and now can't go back.

                      sometimes you just need that zero to lunch in 4.3 seconds using a clutch.

                      1. re: slowcoooked

                        The coconut chess pie. Beware if you don't like things that are too sweet though. So far all of their pies that I've tried are way too sweet for me.

                    3. re: slowcoooked

                      taking a lunch trip before or after a run across the "devil's backbone" in a nice handling vehicle is fantastic. I too agree 1431 is great as well. We that have them all need to cherish our three pedals and a stick. sounds like BMW at least will be ceasing production at some point in the not too distant future. I hope it's a sad but untrue rumor. In another post Wimberley was mentioned. The leaning pear is a cute little sandwich / pizza / italian-ish type spot to split the trip. we drove to 781, down to the beginning of the backbone, ate halfway in Wimberley, finished the trek in San Marcos - and had an awesome saturday and lunch and drive.


                      1. re: slowcoooked

                        While we're on the subject I used to enjoy taking my 325i to Llano for Coopers BBQ then going to enchanted rock and driving the Willow City loop. Down to Fredricksburg and not taking the same road home.
                        Now it's a slow cruise in the f150 with the dog.

                        1. re: crippstom

                          Ha - I just opened this thread and went to the end, without looking at the title. Then I had to scroll back up to see the OP. Funny how these threads take twists and turns. It should be it's own thread!

                2. As a frequent patron of G's Deli, I can affirm that the mushroom brie soup is excellent. Only problem is it's such a small portion, you're left wanting more. I've had almost all of the sandwiches there and my favorites are:
                  - chicken salad
                  - tuna salad
                  - BLT
                  - roast beef
                  - veggie

                  1. Yall have got to try G's new egg salad sandwich they recently added. Delightful. Simple egg-mayo-dill recipe (maybe a smidge of mustard?). It's pretty much all I get there now.

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                      1. re: jwynne2000

                        my current favorite is blue dahlia's egg salad tar tine. thanks for the rec!