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Jun 25, 2014 01:36 PM

Replacing Hoof Raw Bar

There is a hole in my heart (and stomach) the size of Jen Agg's Hoof Raw Bar. I miss the fresh, fish-centric menu. Where can I go instead?

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  1. Just read that Carbon Bar is adding a seafood menu to their offerings... not sure what it exactly entails but worth looking into...

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    1. Not exactly the same but at the event I was at last night I was told that Hopgoods has a particularly rocking seafood tower on now

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        Absolutely, Hopgoods Foodliner. Really adventurous and delicious seafood selection (if you see a scallop dish with rhubarb - get it!)

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          Thanks for the recommendation! I checked them out last night. It's not an exact replacement for Raw Bar, but close enough for now. Loved the halibut with peas, scallops with morels. Liked the lobster spaghetti. The uber fresh salmon sashimi was okay - is it possible to have transcendent salmon sashimi? Sopped everything up with the molasses bread and washed everything down with some very tasty old fashioneds. The server talked me into getting the chocolate bar for dessert. I enjoyed the balance of salted caramel and crispy white chocolate, but it feels more like a snack/treat than a coda to a meal.

          The service was down home friendly, but I'd prefer a little more big city polish. I'll definitely be back, though.