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Jun 25, 2014 01:33 PM

looking for stuffed pepper recipes

looking for recipes that are not the rice and burger type

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  1. This might suit you:

    Here's a picture. I always slice from stem to tip and not across. I believe Julia Child 'told' me that :


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      c oliver that is a good one thanks btw i stuff peppers in both directions and one of my stuffings is a bread stuffing that when cooked you can slice the peppers side ways into app. wedges because it in very firm

      1. re: foodperv

        Oh yum. Could you elaborate on that please?

    2. There's a whole family of southern Italian recipes base don bread crumbs plus usually garlic, capers, black olives, anchovies, herbs, grated pecorino/provolone. The stuffed peppers are baked plain, served usually at room temp. Tomato does not usually play a part. Here's a foundational recipe that can be changed in many directions (google "sicilian or neapolitan stuffed peppers).

      1. Are you looking for vegitarian? If not I would think any meatloaf recipe would work. Yesterday for lunch I used left over meatloaf to make stuffed peppers. I split & seeded bell peppers and steamed them to soften a bit, then I added crumbled meatloaf some grated cheese and microwaved. I topped them with shredded cheese and top browned them in a toaster oven. They came out great!

        1. This one for Mexican Stuffed Peppers from Bacardi1 is delicious and very flexible for meat/no meat. I've made it using shredded chicken.

          1. There are many variations on the Mexican Chile Relleno. The basic is stuffed with cheeses, but I like one with shrimp, and one with corn, black beans and rice. I think that one was from Chow. I'll see if I can find it.

            Found it!

            But google chile rellenos too.

            I tried this one on egullet, half way down; "Chiles Rellenos de Bacalao" from Rick Bayless.

            Here's En Nogada